Gail Bannister-Munn
Gail currently works as a Flexibility, Core and Pilates coach with the NY Jets Football Team. She specializes, in restoring Flexibility, and mobility to all her athletes, and clients. She currently holds certifications in several different disciplines, which enhances her coaching abilities to her athletes, staff and her classes.
Gail has her finger on the pulse of fitness enthusiasts and the club industry because of her widely varied fitness background.  She presents both workshops and lectures at internationally attended conferences, and teach aerobic choreography as an instructor with East Coast Instructor Training School. Her classes are constantly fresh with new moves and music, often incorporating trends and ideas that are just moving into the fitness scene. Gail quickly rose through the ranks within the fitness industry, becoming NASM certified while being employed as a group exercise instructor, and eventually taking on administrative and management responsibilities. She first started with Bally's Jack LaLanne as a Regional Group Exercise Manager. Then she expanded her roll with NYSC as a Senior Regional Group Exercise Manager for over 12 years, overseeing 12 of their locations.  In her current position as a Regional Group Fitness Manager with XSport Fitness Facilities, she monitors club programs, instructor schedules and group exercise training's to ensure it meets current industry trends and safety guidelines.  Gail has gained momentum in her career as a presenter with ECA World Fitness, offering Step and Hi/Low dance classes at both their Miami and New York City conferences. She also is a team leader supervisor with ECA's New York City Conference and Trade Shows. There she staffs and oversees the group exercise, personal training and the lectures rooms for the convention rooms.    
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