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Supporting Kidney Transplant Goal of Ronkonkoma Campaign

Campaign has $30,000 goal.

Screenshot of the Nelson needs a kidney GoFundMe.
Screenshot of the Nelson needs a kidney GoFundMe.
A kidney transplant for a 29-year-old is the focus of a Ronkonokma GoFundMe campaign.

Ashley Machado, who created the campaign, writes that her brother, Nelson, was born with a blockage in his bladder resulting in kidney failure. Nelson has previously received a transplant at age 15, and now needs another one as his kidney has begun to fail again.

"Unfortunately, his insurance does not cover an organ transplant under the doctors at Stony Brook who have seen him his entire life and know him best," Machado writes.

She said the transplant is estimated to cost over $100,000.

The campaign has a goal of $30,000. As of this writing, it has earned $17,670 raised by 203 people in 14 days.

Click the link in the media gallery for more information on this GoFundMe and to consider supporting it.

Check out other local and national GoFundMe campaigns by clicking here.


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