Rose Brucia Foundation Rings Closing Bell at NASDAQ (Video, Photos)

Foundation for stranger safety awareness in major national spotlight.

NEW YORK – After Monday’s historic day in which August 22 was named Rose Brucia Stranger Safety Awareness Day nationally, The Rose Brucia Educational Foundation followed up their eventful week with ringing the closing bell at NASDAQ Wednesday afternoon.

The foundation’s board of directors and many supporters gathered at NASDAQ Marketsite in Time Square for the celebration.

After speaking on national television and live on a giant screen in Time Square, Matthew J. Barbis, the founder and chairman of the foundation, posed for countless photos with his friends and family, who surrounded him in the center of New York City as his foundation’s name was written proudly behind him on a vivacious screen.

“This is the most incredible introduction to the nation that we could have gotten,” said Barbis. “Being at NASDAQ, standing next to Sue Herera and Wilbur Ross, they’re helping champion our cause and there’s nothing better.”

Joining Herera, a host at CNBC and the foundation’s national spokesperson, was Ross, an investor and billionaire who feels strongly about the stranger safety and child abductions.

“We on wall street spend a lot of time trying to protect our portfolios, but in reality all our most precious assets are our children and our grand children,” said Ross, who founded WL Ross & Co. in 2000, “so it’s really wonderful to have an organization dedicated to protecting them, not just stocks and bonds. I very much applaud the work of the foundation and wish it every success.”

“Our children are our most precious resource,” Herera said. “They are our future and anything we can do to keep them safe we must do and The Rose Brucia Educational Foundation is doing just that.”

Barbis is urging everyone to go to RoseBrucia.org to download Volume 1 of the Stranger Safety Awareness Program free of charge for a comprehensive resource guide, which includes short and long-term objectives, lesson plans, scripts and tips on how to speak to your children about the dangers strangers may pose.

“I implore the world to come to our website,” he said. “Download this free program and keep our children safe.”


patty August 25, 2011 at 01:23 PM
so proud of you Matt!!!


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