Help Man With Dementia in Medford Campaign

Campaign has $5,000 goal.

Screenshot of Dave's Dementia Fund on GoFundMe
Screenshot of Dave's Dementia Fund on GoFundMe
A family trying to care for a man with multiple health complications needs help in order to purchase him health insurance, and is seeking assistance by creating a Medford campaign on GoFundMe.

According to the "Dave's Dementia Fund" page, Dave is currently suffering from diabetes, heart disease, sarcoidosis, thyroid disease, bipolar disorder, dementia and macular degeneration. Rosemarie Hayman, who created the campaign, writes that she has been taking care of him through her own health insurance, but that has now disappeared with her recently losing her job.

While Dave does receive disability payments, they do not cover all of his bills, she writes.

"I do not have the resources to keep a roof over our heads, food on the table, purchase Dave's meds, purchase health insurance, and continue to make payments on the back hospital bills," Hayman writes.

The campaign, which has a $5,000 goal, is meant to help pay off Dave's back hospital bills and purchase health insurance. As of this writing, $125 has been donated.

Click the link in the media gallery for more information, and to consider supporting this campaign.

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