Live Tweets from Michta's Race Walk in London

Former Sachem Patch Editor, current Sachem Schools PR Manager updates the race and the Olympic vibe.

The Sachem community had the wonderful fortune of producing an Olympic competitor this year in Maria Michta, class of 2004. The community, as well as Sachem Patch, documented her races from the smallest, to the most important. We covered her victory in Eugene, Oregon that sent her to London this summer, and we covered her experience across the pond. Michta finished her race in 29th place, but secured a personal best time of 1:32:27. 

It was only fitting, and a perfect ending, to have Sachem School District's PR Manager Chris Vaccaro live and in person to witness Michta's Olympic race yesterday, and live-Tweet from the event on the school's official Twitter account @SachemSchools. In case you missed them, here are some highlights of Vaccaro's Tweets. Read from the bottom up for a chronological account. 

@ChrisVaccaro: Ok, I'm ready for #Rio2016. Let's go @MariaMichta! Thanks for a great race and experience! #USA #GoArrows

@ChrisVaccaro: Funny how the racers in last place get louder ovations then the lead pack. #Olympics #RaceWalk

@ChrisVaccaro: I think I'm just as tired as these Olympians. This digital journalism takes its toll! #Olympics

@ChrisVaccaro: The Russians own this race! pic.twitter.com/9Me5cib8

@ChrisVaccaro: A look at @MariaMichta during lap 6 of #Olympic race walk in#London. pic.twitter.com/IoexqUGy

@ChrisVaccaro: Watched the #Giants win the #SuperBowl in #Indy and#MariaMichta compete in #Olympics in #London in the same year! #2012

@ChrisVaccaro: I think I'm the only person wearing a #Sachem shirt in #London.#GoArrows #MariaMichta

@ChrisVaccaro: Been waiting a year for this race! Can't believe it's actually happening in 3 min! @MariaMichta #GoArrows

@ChrisVaccaro: I've never been more proud to be a #Sachem alum. @MariaMichtacompeting in the #Olympics brings out the best red, black & gold in us all!

@ChrisVaccaro: Coffey and Michta families wearing @MariaMichta tee-shirts with a photo I took on it! #USA #GoArrows pic.twitter.com/1taM3ySc

@ChrisVaccaro:  Excitement about #Olympic race walk course is amazing. Fans lined 5-6 deep around the fence. pic.twitter.com/WT9P7eH3

@ChrisVaccaro:  Sachem teacher Joe Coffey at the #Olympics!pic.twitter.com/LAwjnfNz

@ChrisVaccaro: Just ran into a guy from West Islip at #Olympics. He saw my@SachemFootball shirt. I reminded him we beat WI in 79 title game. :-)

@ChrisVaccaro: The racewalk track ... #Olympics pic.twitter.com/Jm2JuZFI

@ChrisVaccaro: Not a bad spot for the day... #BuckinghamPalace for@MariaMichta's race! #Olympics #GoArrowspic.twitter.com/F5ry1x6b

If you haven't done so already, follow Patch's Twitter page @SachemPatch, and follow Sachem's Twitter page @SachemSchools to stay in the know during the school year.


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