What's Going On With The Sachem North Swimming Pool?

Athletic Director states the pool is being fixed, but still weeks away from opening.

Sachem Athletic Director Pete Blieberg said the swimming pool at Sachem North, which has been empty since the summer, is currently under repair, but that the maintenance crew is working "around the clock" to fix it.

According to Blieberg the pool has a crack in it and is also in need of two brand new overflow valves. Sachem Schools maintenance employees are handling the work, as opposed to an outside company, according to the athletic director. Meanwhile, Blieberg stated that both high school teams are sharing the same water as a temporary solution.

"At this time both teams are using the East pool and we hope to have the North pool repaired and back up and running shortly," Blieberg stated in an email.

According to Laura Tutone, whose son and daughter are both on the swim team at North, the teams are being bussed from the North campus over to the East campus in Farmingville, which reduces their time in the pool. Not to mention the four swim lanes that are now cramped with two swim teams.

"My son is a senior and these times matter," Tutone said. "Colleges are looking at him; this is a big year. They need their time to practice in the pool."

Blieberg said the pool may be fixed within the next three weeks, but that timetable is subject to change.

Allen Wone October 02, 2012 at 01:20 AM
If they were working "around the clock" this would be fixed by now.
Allen Wone October 02, 2012 at 01:20 AM
This is not causing issues for the Varsity Teams, but for the Swim Club as well that is jamming in to one pool.


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