Seneca Group Joins 5K For Leukemia & Lymphoma

"Seneca Strong" commits to joining the 5K Pineapple Classic and opens online fundraising group.

A group of Seneca Middle School faculty and friends of the Holbrook school have formed a team to join the 5K Pineapple Classic in April to raise money and awareness for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Called "Seneca Strong" this team of volunteers also launched a group page on the official Pineapple Classic 5K website in anticipation of the run at New York Institute of Technology on April 21.

According to the group page, the Seneca Community Club will be raising donations during lunch periods at the school by selling voting tickets that will elect two members of the Seneca Strong team to dress up in a Hawaiian outfit and go through some obstacles. The campaign will be taking place over the next two weeks.

In addition, anyone interested in donating to the cause can either sponsor the entire group, or an individual runner in the Pineapple 5K by visiting the group page.

To date, Seneca Strong has raised $2,968 toward their $5,000 goal, and has received 57 pledges.

The LLS's Pineapple Classic 5K will begin at the de Serversky Mansion at NYIT on April 21 at 9 a.m.  



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