Sachem East Hosts Annual St. Baldrick's Event

Dozens of students and faculty have heads shaved and raise thousands of dollars.

Sachem East made its annual impact with St. Baldrick’s Monday as students and staff celebrated by shaving their heads and touting their donation totals.

This year, the school raised more than $26,000. One team, the Squires of St. Baldrick, raised $9,296 by themselves.

Sachem as a collective school district has raised $195,000 over the last five years for St. Baldrick’s.

Multiple members of the faculty shaved their heads including Sachem East Principal Rory Manning and Assistant Principals Andrew Larson and Lou Antonetti.

Sophomores Thomas Martinez and Greg Carroll are Sachem East’s first seven-year participants of the St. Baldrick’s festivities.

Here are some interesting notes about many of the participants:

*Jonathan Kline: Raised over $3,000. He lost his best friend George to cancer.

*Ryan Cinnante: He raised $2,735.

*Mark Rostern: Has raised $2,230. Mark Rostern and Matt Rubbo are cousins and participated because of their cousin and Matt's father.

*Megan Garofalo: Was a shavee on Monday and is a cancer survivor.

*Phil Kramer: Was a shavee and did it in memory of his little sister Kelly Kramer, who passed away from cancer.

*Thomas Golden: Was a shavee for others since he went through radiation treatment.

*Billy Ahearn: In honor of his brother Gerry, who helped advisor Pat Broderick start St. Baldrick's Day at Sachem East.

*Matt Rubbo: Had his head shaved in memory of his father who died of cancer. Monday was also his father's birthday and Rubbo raised more than $1,000. Mark Rostern and Matt Rubbo are cousins and participated because of their cousin and Matt's father.

*Dan Bucholz: Had his head shaved in honor and memory of several relatives and friends and raised over $1,000.

*Dan Barletta: An alum returned to have his head shaved.


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