CORRECTION: BOE to Meet in Emergency Open Session About Clubs

Will have emergency meeting next week to decide fate of co-curricular activities.

The Sachem Central School District board of education continued to deliberate about the funding for secondary level extra-curricular activities at Wednesday's work session, but were unable to make any final decisions since three trustees were absent.

The board will have an emergency open discussion meeting on either October 12 or 13 to decide the fate of clubs at the secondary level. (Please note, it was originally reported that the school board will have an emergency executive session, but that terminology was incorrect. It is just a standard emergency meeting and an open discussion setting.)

Since the district was able to gain $224,000 in savings from tax levy totals, which were officially approved by the board Wednesday, the idea of using that money for clubs was tossed around. Board President Rob Scavo said he was in favor of restoring clubs with the cash, but others, aware of hard times still yet to come in 2012-13, did not agree.

"When we’re talking about an extra $200,000 now, I think we should think about it," said board trustee Dorothy Roberts.

After the last board meeting, Patch reported that the Sachem Central Teachers Association came to an agreement with its members to volunteer as advisors for clubs, at their own desire. The numbers have not been eye-catching, however, with just about 15 in each high school out of more than 115 club advisors actually volunteering.

Representatives from Toski, Schaefer & Co., accountants from Albany who audited the district over the last three months, spoke briefly at this week’s meeting. Aside from some inactive capital projects, they found the district was in compliance with all regulations and procedures, praising Bruce Singer, Sachem’s assistant superintendent for business, and his staff.

Singer said the inactive capital accounts will be closed and the balances transferred either directly to the general fund or through the debt service fund depending upon the funding source.

News & Notes

  • The next board of education meeting will take place Wednesday, Oct. 19 in the usual location at Samoset's Administrative Annex at 7:30 p.m.
  • The administrative annex now houses artwork from Sachem students. They’ll swap the art out every couple of months. It adds depth to the room and pays homage to the students who do fine work within the school district.


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