Warning about Toxic Lead Dust for Homeowners Rebuilding after Sandy

Children - and adults, too - can get seriously lead-poisoned when renovation and remodeling activities take place in a home that contains lead paint.

Superstorm Sandy forces most of the South Shore homeowners to renovate their homes...not realizing they might've cross-contaminated their homes with toxic lead dust.

What's lead and who's affected by it? Well, any home built before 1978 is at risk.
Lead is a highly toxic substance, exposure to which can produce a wide range of adverse health effects. Both adults and children can suffer from the effects of lead poisoning, but childhood lead poisoning is much more frequent.

During the many years since we've known about the hazards of lead, 10s of millions of children have suffered its health effects. Even today, in 2013, there are still an astounding number of children younger than six years old who have too much lead in their blood. 

Children - and adults, too - can get seriously lead-poisoned when renovation and remodeling activities take place in a home that contains lead paint.
Anytime a surface containing lead paint is worked on, the debris and the dust created by the work must be contained and thoroughly cleaned up, and those doing the work must have adequate personal protection to prevent them from breathing in any lead dust generated by the work.

It's therefore of critical importance that lead painted surfaces be identified prior to the commencement of any renovation or remodeling work, and that lead-safe work practices are used during such activities.

Of course, steps must also be taken to ensure that children, pets and personal belongings including furniture are protected from exposure to lead while work is on-going, as well.

What are the health effects of lead poisoning?
There are many different health effects associated with elevated blood lead levels. Young children younger than six years old are especially vulnerable to lead's harmful health effects because their brains and central nervous systems are still being formed.

For them even very low levels of exposure can result in reduced IQ, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, behavioral problems, stunted growth, impaired hearing and kidney damage.

At high levels of exposure, a child may succumb to mental retardation, fall into a coma and even die from lead poisoning.
If you have a young child in your home and you suspect there may be a lead problem, then take the recommended steps to eliminate any lead-contaminated dust, and make sure the child washes his/her hands frequently. Make sure to also clean any toys that have been lying about in areas that you suspect might contain lead-contaminated dust.

Unfortunately Hurricane Sandy caused and made lead-safe work practices nearly impossible. We found ourselves ripping, removing and repairing our homes and leaving them in a much more harmful state, never realizing that we might've made our family sick for generations to come….


If you own or rent a home that was built before 1978 and want to have your home checked, then you can call Robert Deacon with VangoCleaning.com for a FREE lead test and to get info on the remediation process of toxic lead dust.  Call  631-974-7034 or text the word “LED” to 71441.

For a quick look into lead dust and what it can do, watch these two videos:

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Audrey February 02, 2013 at 06:52 AM
Bob did my mom's mold removal and sprayed/fogged her/our house..... FABULOUS JOB!!!!! he supervised his crew and even had our crawlspace cleaned out so well you could eat off it well not eat off it but unbelievable the clean worfk we had so much mess pushed into our crawlspace from Storm Sandy...... He also educated me and my family how to treat our house, to dry it and what meters are used to detect moisture in the walls/floors/and woodbeams in our home... He used a portable furnace and needed treatments that had to be sprayed and had to be used with foggers... A big step to get my mom who has been very sick and hospitalized two days after xmas for two weeks..... He even after finishing all the emaculate work to make her home healthy he has offered to make himself available to us for any further questions and/or concerns... Thank you Bob and Crew keep up the great work... with his portale hot funace to beat the humidity out of our home especially when wall were put up to soon he was ale to dry out having to remove our new and painted walls and new wall to wall carpet... We are so thank full we didn't have to remove the new wall and get rid of our recently purchased wall to wall rugs throughout our hom.... thanks again Bob.... Bob is who you need to turn to for getting your homes taken care of.. I highly recommend him and his crew they really worked hard and seeking to offer their assistance to more people in the same situation from the Storm Sandy....
Robert Deacon February 02, 2013 at 01:59 PM
Thank you for the kind words..... the mobile furnace was able to dry out your home fast and safe, so that you did not have to remove the new painted walls and wall to wall carpeting. Im happy that you and you family are now on the way to getting back into your home...... Remember Mom owes me a bowl of her soup.
Audrey February 03, 2013 at 01:40 AM
Many must be asking how lead test is performed??? could you expand...
Robert Deacon February 03, 2013 at 04:00 AM
Here a two ways to sample: the first is a simple way to check and get instant results. The second is a little more involved and requires a small Lab Fee. 1. http://youtu.be/D-6HhabCqJw (this is the Free service that I will offer) 2. http://youtu.be/flJ8YnRpSeA (Small Lab Fee) Sometimes its best to use both ways to test but one should test if their home was built before 1978
Robert Deacon February 06, 2013 at 03:35 AM
Here's another video on indoor air quality House Dust Allergens & Indoor Air Quality .. http://youtu.be/EEmimsah2Zg


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