Park Police to Crack Down on ATVs at Sans Souci Preserve

Bayport Civic Association and Town of Islip officials collaborate to stop illegal activity.

The Bayport Civic Association along with Town of Islip and Suffolk County park officials are hoping increased enforcement will eliminate the use of all-terrain vehicles in the San Souci preserve that runs north of Montauk Highway between Sayville and Bayport.

Increased activity by recreational ATV users has been reported by local residents. In addition to being a noise disturbance, ATVs can harm the ecological environment of the preserve, said officials. Bayport Civic President Bob Draffin recently toured the preserve with Town of Islip officials to assess what can be done to eliminate the illegal activity.

“It’s county parkland and the use is prohibited. People love to walk the trails in there and to hear the buzzing of a vehicle coming at some point isn’t very nice and it’s damaging to the ecology of the area,” said Draffin, who said the civic group asked for increased enforcement.

So Suffolk County Park police will be monitoring the area more closely and have the right to confiscate vehicles ridden illegally on the county land.

“There are plenty of places in the county where these vehicles can be ridden lawfully,” said Draffin.

Residents who observe illegal ATV activity can call 911 and ask to be connected to the Suffolk County Park Police to make a report, he said.

Deadbeat Father November 25, 2013 at 11:53 AM
My comrade Ed, Dr. Connor Fitzpatrick states, and I quote, "Communism is a valid solution to the problem at hand". If you would take up the hammer and sickle with me, my friend, there is no limit to the parklands we could preserve! Our goal, a classless society where everybody can enjoy the commons without fear of its destruction. No more capitalist ATV emissions, or invasive plants, just chrome, chrome everywhere. This is the future and you will be a part of it.
Concerned Citizen December 09, 2013 at 10:23 AM
Well, everybody has had their say, fences are up, people have been called out (assuming you know someone's identity is an idiotic mistake from someone I would consider an intelligent man). Is everyone happy? I have ridden ATVs herea couple of times. I have walked the dog in these woods a couple of times. I agree with whoever stated that ATVs should be ridden upstate. There you can ride for hours & never see the same thing twice. Maybe the local answer is to go tear up the newly acquired Brookhaven park on Madison? Just kidding, that would be even more boring than this Miniscule patch of swamp.
Deadbeat Father January 16, 2014 at 12:07 PM
Now it's 2014, two years after this article was posted, and there still has been nothing done about this monumental problem. The woods are in ruins, half burned down by ATV-riding vandals, and the rest of the woods, unsalvageable. The new species planted by these same vandals have grown out of control. With these plants causing over 100 recorded deaths every year, the problem is worsening. There is nothing left of the woods, no trees, no wildlife, everything has been killed off by these ATV riders. Once they began poaching the wildlife in the park, it was all over, especially with help from their invasive plant friends. I expect this problem to be fixed by the end of 2018. If we roll out my 12 step plan for the implementation of Communism by May, this problem could be resolved as soon as 2017. The woods would be restored back to how they were in the good old days of 2008.
slim February 14, 2014 at 11:28 PM
who cares?? what plants are spread around 350 acres that will do harm to other parts of it?? if I walk in there that spreads just as many plants!! do mountain bikes from "climb" not destroy the trails?? they have tread and move. I pay taxes for Suffolk county! I pay for these woods to be there. why can't i do what I want in these woods?? drug addicts are in there at night. they drop needles in there that does more damage. what do us atv riders need to do in order to get atvs allowed here or anywhere else in Suffolk county? when the police go in on quads to catch trespassers they do the same thing, and that's legal to do. what is the difference can someone explain?


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