Sachem Voter's Guide to Brookhaven Races

A look at this year's Brookhaven races.

The Sachem community is hitting the polls Tuesday, and due to the large area of the Sachem community there are multiple possible elections that residents may see depending on their constituency. Here's a rundown of the Brookhaven candidates who are appearing on ballots for Sachem communities within Brookhaven. If any races are missing, just add to the comments the one you would like and we'll update.

Brookhaven Town Supervisor

Edward P. Romaine- Romaine, 66 and a resident of Center Moriches is running on the Republican, Conservative and Independence lines. He has a bachelor’s degree from Adelphi University and a master’s degree in history from Long Island University.

In November 2012, Romaine won the office of supervisor in  special election after Mark Lesko left office for a job leading  Accelerate Long Island.

He was elected to the Suffolk County Legislature in 1985 and 2005 and served as county clerk in 1989. Prior to this, Romaine taught social studies in the Hauppauge school district for ten years. He is married and has two sons and a stepdaughter.

Romaine has been an outspoken leader on the crackdown of illegal housing and has worked to create tougher codes to address the issues.  He has supported the Carmans River project. His 2014 town budget freezes taxes, had no layoffs and allocates $10 million to open space purchases.

He was elected to the Suffolk County Legislature in 1985 and 2005 and served as count clerk in 1989. Prior to this Romaine taught social studies in the Hauppauge school district for ten years. He is married and has two sons and a stepdaughter.

Romaine has been an outspoken leader on the crackdown of illegal housing and has worked to create tougher codes to address the issues.  He has supported the Carmans River project. His 2014 town budget freezes taxes and had no layoffs and allocates $10 million to open space purchases.

Vivian M. Viloria-Fisher- Viloria-Fisher, 65, of Setauket is running on the Democratic and Working Family lines. Viloria-Fisher, a former teacher from Setauket, served the Three Village and Port Jefferson areas as county legislator from 1999 through 2011.

She has a bachelor’s degree in English from Hunter College and a master’s in liberal arts from Stony Brook University. She is married and has five children.

Viloria-Fisher has supported open land preservation and environmental protection. According to  Newsday, Viloria-Fisher has said she favors “walkable communities” and downtowns that “preserve cultural heritage.

Brookhaven Town Highway Supervisor
Incumbent Daniel Losquadro, R-Shoreham, is being challenged by Lori Baldassare, D-Mount Sinai, for the Brookhaven Superintendent of Highways seat.

Losquadro said to Newsday that he has improved the highway department since taking office by the elimination of no-bid contracts and purchasing new communications equipment. Losquadro also lists on his accomplishments bringing the department into compliance with state labor laws by obtaining certfied payrolls from contractors as well as making sure vendors pay current wages.

Baldassare is a government liaison officer for the Suffolk County Department of Public Works, and previously served as chief deputy Brookhaven highway superintendent and other town positions for nine years, according to Newsday. Baldassare is criticizing how the town responded in last February’s blizzard, stating that “mismanagement” of the plowing efforts lost millions of dollars in federal reimbursements. She states that she has been involved in successful plowing efforts when she was in the highway department, and that it should use computer software to track road repairs and schedule maintenance.

Brookhaven Town Clerk

Donna Lent- Independence. Lent, 61, of Medford is running on the Independence and Republican lines. She is the chief deputy for outgoing Town Clerk Patricia Eddington.

Cathy A. Schatzger- Democratic.

Brookhaven Councilman 3rd District 

Incumbent Kathy Walsh (I-Centereach) will face off against Suffolk County legislative aide, Kevin LaValle (R-Ronkonkoma) in the race for the Brookhaven’s third councilman district seat.

Walsh graduated from the Middle Country School District and has lived in the district for forty years, according to a supporters website. She was first elected to her current role as Councilwoman in 2005, and was re-elected to the position again in 2007 and 2009 with a majority of the voters’ approval.

Since entering office she has focused on preventing over-development with the goal of securing more areas for parks and recreational facilities. Additionally, she was heavily involved in the implementation of the Military Benefit Act that gives employees in the district who get deployed 10 additional personal days as well as the right to keep their Package 7, a benefit separate from insurance covering dental among other things.

“The dynamics of my service has really been about the people and not necessarily politics,” said Walsh. “I think that shows in the fact that I’ve been able to work with most administrations. My nature is not confrontational—I’m about problem solving. I’m very proud that I’ve been able to put politics aside, and I’m grateful to serve for however long my tenure may be.”

Walsh did have some controversy back in January after announcing she had changed her party affiliation from the Republican Party to the Independent Party.  However, she is hoping to maintain her winning streak by getting the majority vote this election.

Her challenger, LaValle, currently works as a mortgage consultant for Lynx Mortgage Bank, helping clients manage their finances. He also serves as a legislative aid to Legislator Tom Muratore (R-Ronkonkoma) and was previously the Chief of Staff to the Superintendent of Highways, Dan Losquadro.

According to his personal website, LaValle is a graduate of Centereach High School and said his experience in the public sector gives him a “unique perspective” on the town and his work in the community will help him to deal with any challenges he faces ahead.

In an interview with LINews Radio, LaValle said he plans on focusing his time on the residents. “You know you look around and I think the big question I get from the residents is what about us? They look around and see all of these other communities doing these things and they say what about us…on the town level there is still a great deal to accomplish,” said LaValle.

LaValle is hoping to go all the way and gain the majority vote this election.

Brookhaven Councilman 4th District

Incumbent Constance Kepert, D-Middle Island, is being challenged by Michael Loguercio Jr., R-Ridge, for the fourth district councilman seat.

According to Newsday, Kepert is in her fourth term serving since 2005. She cites traffic safety projects that she worked on as among her accomplishments, and plans to work on having the former UA Theatre in Coram become a mixed-use property with apartments, restaurants, shops and green space. The Complete Streets project which she worked on mandates that every time Brookhaven Highway Department paves a street it must also evaluate for potential bicycle lanes and sidewalks.

Loguercio is in his 10th year on the Longwood Central School District Board of Education, according to Newsday. Loguercio is reported as wanting to keep taxes down, clean up neighborhood blight and said its important to improve infrastructure and create local jobs.

Brookhaven Councilman 5th District

Incumbent Tim Mazzei, R-Blue Point, is being challenged by Michael Miller, D-Blue Point, in the race for Brookhaven’s fifth district councilman seat.

Mazzei has been serving on the town board since 2003, and according to Newsday, says he has been heavily involved with the Ronkonkoma Hub development and the revitalization of East Main Street in Patchogue. Mazzei cites his experience dealing with Brookhaven Town’s issues over the past 10 years and would like to continue that work.

Miller is a high school physical education and health teacher in Mattituck, and according to Newsday, moved to Long Island in 2008. Miller said he is running because of concerns about a lack of accessibility to council members, and would not take a salary his first term if elected. Miller reportedly would like to lure businesses into the district with tax breaks, with a goal of lessening the burden of school taxes on homeowners by increasing the tax base.

Polling Information 
To check your voter registration status and find your polling locations and precincts, click here.

Jennifer Sloat and Monica Gleberman contributed to this post.


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