Romaine Meets With Brookhaven Highway Dept.

Officials meet face-to-face to discuss Town's response to the blizzard.

Brookhaven Supervisor Ed Romaine met with the Town's Highway Department on Tuesday to discuss issues related to the Feb. 8 blizzard and snow removal. 

"This was a great opportunity to speak with those who were on the front lines during the storm and to hear what they had to stay about the problem that were encountered by their crews," Romaine said in a written statement.

Tensions have been high between the supervisor and highway department since Romaine, who was on vacation during the blizzard but also accepted some responsibility for the Town's response, said in a statement this past week that the Highway Department is solely responsible for snow removal.

Wally Greene, president of the highway department's union, accused the supervisor of using the highway department as a scapegoat claiming Deputy Supervisor Daniel Panico was in charge of the department throughout the storm, according to Newsday

Romaine, acting Highway Supervisor John Capella and members of the Town highway department met to discuss weather emergency plans, staffing, equipment, fleet maintenance, fuel distribution at Town facilities, outsider contractor rates and insurance. 

"My powers over the Highway Department are lmited but I will make recommendations to the Town Board in order to refine our current emergency response plan and provide long term resolutions so we are better prepared for future weather emergencies," Romaine said. 

Currently, Brookhaven's Highway Superintendent position is vacant and a special election to fill the post will be held March 5. The candidates in the race are Councilwoman Kathy Walsh, running as a Democrat, and Assemb. Dan Losquadro, a Republican.

Jon Versheck February 24, 2013 at 05:20 AM
New plan? my plow eldrer taught some things: First, always assume, it's going to be worse than they say, it usually is. Second, 24+ inches of snow is not that bad, so long as you can plow it as often as you need to to treat it like 4,6, or even 8 inches at a time. Third, "Get good tires on that truck!" Fourth, weight, and chains. Never run light always carry tire chains (which most of the TOB trucks did have some years back, which I have verified.) I've had them darn chains sitting in my shed, since that storm that my plowmate and I were driving two wheel drive trucks in and he said "we will be fine, less on truck to break, just use your head", and we were fine (had to chain up once)Anyhow, how does this tie in? If leadership from the top,kept everyone going like they should have,"doing their rounds",and multiple passes were completed,it would not have been as bad. if there was some sort of "union slowdown," that kept the snow from being treated as 6 to 8 or even less inches at a time, that means that there was a huge failure on the supervisory level down. I tell you what, even supervisor of highways, or a foreman job looks good from my window here, because if that is the case, they failed also.


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