Patch Readers Fill Out Brookhaven's Report Card

Town of Brookhaven gets evaluated for snow removal efforts after massive blizzard.

The votes have been tallied on Brookhaven Town's handling of last weekend's blizzard that dumped more than two feet of snow on the Sachem community and the numbers aren't pretty.

According to the poll placed on Sachem Patch asking readers to grade the town's performance on a collegiate scale from A (outstanding) to F (total failure), 85% entered a grade of F, while 12% gave the town a D (horrible and inept).

Additionally, the poll garnered more than 90 comments criticizing the effort.

"The town has been way off the mark," stated one reader who goes by the username BAM. "LIPA was chastised for the response in Sandy (11 days no power for me) and their leadership is gone. Romaine on vacation...ludicrous that a newly elected official would take a vacation in the month known for snow events."

"Is there worse than an F!!????," asked another reader, Nina C. "Nothing was done here in lake grove where r these people? Thank goodness for good Samaritans helping all the people who are getting stuck because the plows did such a crappy job."

Patch user Kevin Hyms weighed in as well. "By viewing all of the responses it looks like the Town of Brookhaven receives a grade of F for failure," he wrote. "When most needed, the Town Supervisor along with the hand-picked acting Highway Superintendent are not available. I would encourage all voters to come out on March 5 to elect the best person for Brookhaven Highway Superintendent. No one is taking the responsibility for the mess that we are still in."

According to reports Supervisor Ed Romaine is back from his vacation in Jamaica and will be holding a 12 p.m. press conference at Town Hall. Meanwhile, acting Highway Superintendent Michael Murphy resigned from his post as of 3 p.m yesterday amidst criticism and questions surrounding his four-day absence. John Capella, a 27-year veteran of the town's highway department was named as acting successor until the special election for a permanent superintendent is held on March 5.

Jim Policke February 16, 2013 at 12:56 AM
That means 3% of the responders gave the town something better than a D. Presumably Michael Murphy's friends and relatives.


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