Kathleen Walsh Kicks Off Highway Super Race

Delivers opening speech at a rally in the company of state and local leaders.

Brookhaven Town Councilwoman Kathleen Walsh officially kicked off her campaign for Highway Superintendent at a rally in Independence Plaza on Sunday.

“The job of Highway Superintendent is vital to our quality of life and safety in this town,” Walsh said in a statement. “We need someone in the position who will ensure that our roads are secure and properly maintained. We need someone who will restore efficiency, integrity, and professionalism to a department where criminal activity, drug abuse, and reckless behavior have become too common. I am running because I am that person. I have the experience, values, and record of leadership not only to do the job but to do it well.”

Walsh recently left the Republican Party and is running on the Independent ticket. During her kickoff speech Walsh vowed to end the corruption within the Highway Department and insist on greater personal responsibility among the rank and file. 

bryce February 12, 2013 at 12:56 AM
here we go. Bill walsh is a thug union boss who bully's around his membership with threats and rewards his 10 clsest buddies with all the overtime. his son is a thief who stole a town truck full of town scrap metal and cashed it in at gershow auto on peconic avenu. he then abandoned the truck on the side of the road. bill walsh (union leader) and kathy walsh councilwoman covered it up with help from mark alessi and lesko. this should be enough to demand that they both step down from there positions!! also, after the smack on the wrist and probably a raise or extra overtime the walsh kid was caught on camera doing drugs on town time in a town bathroom.. once again.....the same coverup!! how is this woman even on a ballot up for election. I know its not good to attack families but the truth is the truth. we cannot afford this union thug and his wife to threaten employees and use retaliatory tactics against people who are not on there side. make sure you vote people..


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