Islip Pulls in Nearly $1M in Extra Revenue Thanks to Code Enforcement Crackdown

Spike reflects a 70 percent jump over last year.

Town of Islip coiffeurs are $900,000 flusher thanks to an invigorated crackdown on slumlords, fire code violations and penalties issued for illegally subdivided homes in 2013, according to a Newsday report.

The revenue represents a 70 percent jump over 2012. Part of the increase is due to higher fine amounts enacted by the town, from an average of nearly $800 in 2012 to over $1,100 last year, according to town officials.

The report also reveals that the town’s efforts to clean-up and board-up empty homes and vacant plots jumped from 35 in 2011 to 187 last year.

Town officials cite increased public safety enforcement staffing as one reason for the increased fine action and more personnel is expected to be added to the department this year, states Newsday.


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