Director to Step Down from Town Animal Shelter Post

Dori Scofield announced she is leaving after two years in charge of Brookhaven's animal shelter.

The director of Brookhaven town's animal shelter is stepping down and blaming the town budget as her reason for departure, according to a report published Monday in Newsday.

Dori Scofield, who has held the position for two years, told Newsday: "The budget has kept me limited as to what I can do. If I had more staff, I could continue to save more lives." According to the report, the town's animal shelter costs $1.6 million a year to run the shelter, but its budget was set to be cut by $100,000 in the coming year as Brookhaven copes with financial woes.

In a statement to Newsday, acting Brookhaven supervisor Kathy Walsh said Scofield had done an outstanding job. "She will be missed, but we have already started the process of finding a new director and hope to have one in place very soon," Walsh said.

Scofield, who earned a salary of $91,600 from the town, said she is planning to focus her efforts on her work with Save-a-Pet Animal Rescue.

Click here to read the full report from Newsday (subscription required).

KathyDworkin October 25, 2012 at 02:49 PM
After you returned Keisha she was operated on, the cancer removed. A volunteer from Siberian rescue adopted her! She is now the life she deserves that you were not able to afford. When you adopt a rescue dog it is your responsibility to care for it, not the shelter you adopted it from. You should be singing her praises that she cared so much to make sure Keisha received the medical attention she needed. Dori is the best thing that ever happened to the Brookhaven Shelter.
lynne schoepfer October 25, 2012 at 07:49 PM
I am the Executive Director at Save-A-Pet. First let me state that we are a non profit 501c-3. We do not get state or town funding.We have a mortgage, lighting bills,garbage pick up, heating bills, veterinarian bills etc Every animal that enters our shelter gets the best possible care we can provide. To those of you who commented on the "desirable dogs " that were sent to our shelter please take a look at our website. We have for currently for adoption, Dollie, Cisco, Darmah, Wyatt, Jazzy, Licorice, Savannah, Bonita and Rosie who are all Pit Bulls or Pit mixes. So to say that Dori sent the more "desirables" to Save-A-Pet is true because each and every one of these dogs are desirable to us. When is the public going to recognize that a dog is a dog no matter what breed.
Truffuls October 25, 2012 at 08:40 PM
Bravo, lynne schoepfer!!! Both my son's pitties are rescues, one of which was only one hour away from the gas chamber. My step daughter has a pitty who must have been Caesar Milan's "Daddy"'s twin. Pit bulls are happy slobs and very lovable. They just happen to also be a very strong dog and need proper guidance to not pull on the leash or jump up to give kisses. I got my soul mate, Rosey from you last December 6. She is SO GOOD! She fills our lives with joy every day, but I'm jealous cause she seems to be a daddy's girl. I may have to stop in and get "ME" a dog for myself! ;-)
Truffuls December 04, 2012 at 02:24 PM
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