Detectives Get Raises, But Salary Steps Extended Under New Pact

Bellone says eight-year contact is fair and will make future officers more affordable.

It will take new Suffolk police detectives 10 to 12 years instead of the current four to reach the top pay step under a new contract that Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone on Monday touted as making county law enforcement more affordable.

The agreement with the Suffolk Detectives Association – retroactive to Jan. 1, 2011 and running through Dec. 31, 2018 – gives detectives raises going forward, but does not include retroactive raises for 2011 through 2013. The future raises, the same as those in a Police Benevolent Association contract approved last year, are 4.5 percent next year, 3.25 percent in 2015 and then 3.5 percent each year of 2016-18, according to Newsday.

Under the current contract, new detectives can reach the top salary step within four years. Under the new agreement, which still must be approved by the county legislature, officers who were hired prior to 2013 and are promoted to detective will have 10 salary steps – or 10 years – until top pay. Officers who were hired this year and going forward who are made detectives will have 12 steps – or 12 years – to reach the top.

“As with any negotiation, neither side got exactly what they wanted," Bellone said in a statement, "but we ended up with a fair contract which continues to make future law enforcement officers more affordable and helps with our current fiscal situation.”

SDA President Bill Plant said in a statement that although "the process was lengthier than anticipated," he was pleased with the outcome.

“There is no doubt that this agreement is fair and equitable for both labor and management," Plant said.


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