Would You Support a Neighborhood Watch in Upper Port?

Resident complaints about crime around train station on Route 112 on the rise.

Complaints range from vagrancy to drug use in Upper Port Jefferson where residents are throwing up their hands in frustration as they perceive the area to be going downhill quickly.

One resident at an August village board meeting said she locks her doors when she drives through Port Jefferson.

Peter Moloney from Moloney Funeral Home has had his business in Port Jefferson on Route 112 for four years now and he said he sees an increase in crime.

"It seems to be getting worse," he said.

His business resorted to installing surveillance cameras. Moloney said the cameras are expensive but worth it when it comes to protecting his employees. He recounted one instance where a drunk passed out on the steps of his funeral home.

The village and Suffolk County Police Department have responded. A plan is on the table to revitalize the area, Code Enforcement officers say they meet trains as they come into the station and there is an increased presence of police cars patrolling the area, yet, residents still see crime all around them.

In other areas, like in Mt. Sinai, they have established Neighborhood Watch programs.

The Neighborhood Watch programs aim to deter crime in communities
throughout Suffolk County. Once a resident "adopts a block," all they are required to do is observe and report suspicious circumstances. Participants in the program are asked to fill out a log sheet with as much detail as they can to assist the police department in their investigation. Reports can be confidential and residents should not become involved in any incidents.

Residents interested in establishing a Neighborhood Watch program in either the Sixth or Sevent Precinct can call their local C.O.P.E. Units (Sixth at 854-8670, Seventh at 852-8775.)

What do you think? Should a Neighborhood Watch be established in the Upper Port Jefferson/Port Jefferson Station area around Route 112?

Mels Ditties October 14, 2012 at 12:54 PM
That edict would have to be applied throughout the town (eg. Up AND Down town)....It would KILL the property owners...Almost every building has some rental apts...
Michael Savini October 18, 2012 at 12:37 PM
Am I really the first and only to call out Mr. Ditties on his scapegoating of the "Spanish"? What a thing to say and assume, that "they are NOt the type" to get involved. I can easily imagine that anyone living in the area might want to help, no matter their ethnicity. Mr. Ditties, check your assumptions and what lay behind them. And everyone, renters also have a right to live. Closing the barbershops? Goodness, what great advice.
John smith October 25, 2012 at 04:09 PM
As a police officer in NYC I am shocked at how the rift raft is allowed to congregate in this area . The port Jeff village constable can enforce code violations in the area as well as Mta police in the railroad parking lot. You would not be surprised at how many of these locals have open warrants and drugs on them .
John smith October 25, 2012 at 04:13 PM
I think a kneiborhood watch is a great idea ,however if u write to the port Jeff constable your concerns and call the Mta as well I think you will get some attention to the area.
Earl November 01, 2012 at 05:39 PM
Well the spanish are the ones hanging out and loitering all over the sidewalks in upper port, so I don't beleive they are being used as a scapegoat. There is gang activity in the area, and as most know, the spanish are the main group that is part of that. You are not going to find any foot traffic in that area as long as their are people just hanging around outside being anything but productive. Most of the store in that area cater only to them as well. I honestly think the homeless are the bigger problem there. PJV constable are useless, they add nothing to the area except higher taxes for the folks that live in the village. They are a joke and deter nothing at all. I've written to MTA numerous times, adn get nothing but generic responses that they will alert MTA police. Anyone ever see an MTA police officer there? Maybe once in the last year I have seen one.


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