Transcript: David Laffer's Court Statement

Pharmacy killer says to ask for forgiveness would be a selfish act.

David Laffer, Thursday to four consecutive life terms in prison for the Father's quadruple homicide at a Medford pharmacy, read this statement in court:

"Perhaps some good can come from this. That's what I have heard time and time again since my arrest. It is impossible to believe that anything good can come from the senseless murder of four innocent people. So many lives have been tragically and permanently altered because of my crime.

It is obvious how monumental the loss is. The families will continue on with their loved ones eternally in their hearts and minds. Regardless of how regretful and remorseful I am, I pray today's sentencing provides a sense of justice for them. To ask forgiveness of them would be a selfish act. I truly believe that my crime is one that cannot and should not be forgiven. To stand here and offer a mea culpa would be a disgrace to the victims' memories and I will not do that.

I know that it doesn't begin to explain or excuse my horrific actions that day. However, if a discussion and recognition of prescription pill abuse and doctor shopping has been generated among the public, then maybe something beneficial can come from this."



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