Police: Ronkonkoma Subway Robbed Again

Subway restaurant on Portion Road is robbed for the second time in a week.

The Ronkonkoma Subway restaurant was robbed Sunday night by a man with a gun, police said. 

The robbery occurred at 8:20 p.m. and it's the second armed robbery at the sandwich joint located at 600 Portion Road in a week. 

It's also the fourth armed robbery of a Subway in the area over an 8-day period. Subway locations in Patchogue and Nesconset have also been robbed. 

No one has been injured in any of the robberies and no arrests have been made. 
Marlene R January 06, 2014 at 05:36 PM
I am very dismayed by the number of armed robberies that have so very recently occurred within this small area. Considering that I saw 4 police vehicles - 4 - leaving my quiet block together, I have to ask why these 4 cars were all not in different locations in and around this newly troubled area. It is beyond time to step up patrols, with the armed robberies of our banks, pharmacies and retail stores. Lord knows, I am paying more than enough taxes to not have to be concerned with such issues - which have no place here.
Jule Stern January 06, 2014 at 11:48 PM
1. This is unfortunate but happening. Here and all over. 2. If you're seeing multiple squad cars leaving your quiet block then that means something not so quiet has occurred. Could have been following a lead or a call on a domestic issue, a home robbery or something vandalized. Be happy to see them knowing they're out in pairs for your protection as well as theirs.


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