Police: Lake Grove Incident Not an Attempted Kidnapping

Lake Grove mother says two males attempted to grab her son off front lawn.

A Lake Grove mother says two males pulled up in a vehicle in front of her house last Friday night and jumped out and attempted to grab her son, but police say they are not investigating the incident as an attempted kidnapping. 

Police said they are on the lookout for the vehicle, but it may have been a case of the two male teens in the car "teasing" the children who were playing in the snow on the front lawn of the Virginia Avenue home.  

"We don't believe it was an attempted kidnapping by any means," a Fourth Precinct officer told Patch Tuesday, adding that the police classified the incident as a suspicious person/vehicle report. 

The mother, who asked that her name not be used, said police were not notified until Sunday "because the children where in a state of shock." 

Sachem Schools sent out a Connect Ed call Monday to parents of Samoset Middle School students and its feeder schools alerting them of the incident, which occurred near Hardwick Place. 

Below is the note the mother sent to Sachem Patch describing the incident: 

"Friday February 7, 2014 on Virginia Avenue, around 9pm at night my children’s ages 12 girl, 9 boy along with a friend 9 boy were playing in the snow on the front lawn.  A dark colored (they think black) 4 door small car pulled up slowly.  They were cautious but since they thought it was their father coming home they just stopped to look.  Instead out jumped two males (leaving the car doors open) one from the drivers seat one from the back seat one holding something small and black in his hands.  As one yelled lets get him and came on my lawn trying to grab my son my son slipped and so did the perpetrator. (as the snow marks on my lawn indicated he missed grabbing my son from about 18 inches) All the children started to scream and run back toward our door and one of the perpetrators yelled holy lets get the out of here jumped back in the car and speed off.  We have reported this incident to the police."
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