Police Arrest Former Sachem Football Star on Drug Charges

Sachem Alum Davon Lawrence played for Stony Brook University, which has since removed him from the team.

A decorated former Sachem North athlete and Stony Brook football player has been charged with several counts of drug possession, according to a report published Wednesday in Newsday.

Police said Davon Lawrence, 21, of Lake Ronkonkoma, was parked in a business parking lot on Portion Road on Friday afternoon when he was arrested.

Following the arrest, Stony Brook University said it does not condone this type of alleged behavior. "The student has been removed from the team effective immediately; we fully support and are committed to following the judicial process and will respond accordingly," the university told Newsday.

Patch has placed calls to Sachem North Head Coach Dave Falco for comment.

Click here to read the original story from Newsday (subscription required).

11779 March 29, 2013 at 05:33 AM
Another tragic story that has been destroying the Ronkonkomas once again Icould see if he had marijuana on him but crack and heroin really? Those are the 2 drugs that have destroyed L.Ronkonkoma(Sachem) & Ronkonkoma(Connetquot)since 07.the police presence has been knownto be fully aware of what's going on throughout these middle class diverse blue collar Communities and yet problems like this happen on a daily basis. What a shame and waste othe police presence is overwhelming ever since they're were 3 homicides all within a block of each other since 2008 1 (gang related), 2 (homless fight at checkers), 3 (another gang related shooting during construction.)Not to mention the overdose victims that were saved by the pilot program Narcan which has had the most incidents in the Ronkonkoms area.what they don't tell you is on the Suffolk County Police Department website he was arrested for selling crack and heroin not just a simple possession charge. The Suffolk County Drug mapping index has listed Ronkonkoma as the number 1 heroin related hotspot since the index was established in 2008,it's not Brentwood, Central islip, or Whyadanch....it all begins with Ronkonkoma as the so called number one Heroin hot spot according to the Suffolk County Police Department drug mapping index website. So can we please get some help from anyone County legislators, Sachem/Connetquot SD
Alum10 March 30, 2013 at 03:16 AM
It is really unsettling to see how people allow themselves the time to participate in such harmful practices. Stories like these are the by-products of personal issues, peer pressure, and sheer lack of judgement. There are always healthier ways to overcome obstacles and stresses related to school, family, and friends. Seek out clear-minded friends, mentors, and family before turning to destructive behaviorisms such as those described above. Opportunities should not be wasted; scholarship and education are privileges, not things to be taken for granted. ✘


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