Incumbent Fred Stahl Running for Commissioner's Seat in Ronkonkoma

Elections are Tuesday, December 13 at the fire house.

Incumbent Lake Ronkonkoma Fire District Commissioner Fred Stahl is running for reelection for his seat. The election is Tuesday, December 13 against Ronkonkoma Fire Department Captain Ron Corsale.

Stahl, 65, has been a member of the fire department for over 41 years and a member of the board of fire commissioners for 25 years. He has held all offices in the department including chief of the department from 1983-1985. Stahl has been the chairman of the board for the last two years.

A business owner since 1972, Stahl’s full-time work involves insurance and administration. He also used to own funeral homes in the area.

“A lot of people don’t realize that the firefighting part is separate from the board of fire commissioners,” he said. “We raise taxes, levy them, collect them and the tax dollars are used to buy supplies so they can provide the best service for the community.”

With a budget of almost $3 million at Ronkonkoma, commissioners are expected to manage funds and take care of federal mandates.

“I stress my experience and knowledge of the board and businesses practices of the Lake Ronkonkoma Fire District,” Stahl said.

Stahl is married to his wife Judy for 44 years, as a son Kevin and daughter Kim and four grandchildren.

Elections will be held on Tuesday from 5-9 p.m. at the Ronkonkoma Fire Department, located at the corner of Hawkins Avenue and Portion Road.

Referendum vote: Aside from the commissioner election, tax payers are also able to vote on a referendum to approve borrowing $980,000 to purchase two new fire trucks. The purchases are mandates that the department has to comply with.


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