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Farmingville Fire Department Honors Mia Wojciechowski

Seven-year-old who helped family escape fire is recognized by the Farmingville Fire Department.

Farmingville Fire Department Chief Eddie Stewart III presented a plaque Monday on behalf of the department to for her quick and heroic actions during a fire last month.

On April 18, at approximately 2 a.m. the Farmingville Fire Department received a call of a reported structure at 82 South Howell Ave. Upon arrival the house was fully engulfed in flames and it was unknown if there were occupants within the residence. 

When the first unit arrived it was reported that an occupant had woken her family and they had all escaped. It wasn’t until later on did we learn because of the heroic efforts of 7-year-old Mia Wojciechowski her family is safe today.

Every year the Farmingville Fire Department visits local Sachem Elementary School teaching them the importance of Exit Drill In The Home (EDITH), Drill At Night (DAN), and having a meeting place whether it be the mailbox or a tree in the front yard to make sure everyone has exited the home safely.  It is because of this training and comprehension by a 7-year-old hero, this family is still here today.

Submitted by John Skippon, co-chairman Fire Prevention Committee

Mike May 09, 2012 at 03:55 PM
Are you seriously complaining about a 7-year-old receiving an award for saving her family from a fire and the community rallying around her? Wow. Just wow.
Taylor May 09, 2012 at 07:03 PM
I agree with you Mike. I think it's sickening that people are complaining about something HEROIC a CHILD did for her family, and twisting the situation to be about politics. The Sachem community is that of pride, family, and togetherness which this article shows. GREAT JOB MIA, everyone in the Sachem community is very proud of you! WE ARE SACHEM!!!
Marcia May 10, 2012 at 03:20 AM
This is a 7 year old girl who saved her family. This isn't about politics, this is about a well known teacher in the sachem district for many years. So many have reached out and tried to help. He has given so much to his students ad collegues, now people are trying to reach out and help someone who would do the same to anyone of us. Yes there may have been a fire somewhere else in Farmingville but woj is well known and would give the shirt off his back to anyone he knows. Jame, because so many people care and are willing to help someone in need. If someone else in the community that was well known and helped so any people as woj has they would too get the same attention and help.


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