Electrical Fire Smokes Out Eye Care Office

Sachem Eye Care has small fire that was put out before authorities arrived.

A small electrical fire caused an evacuation of a Lake Ronkonkoma doctors office Saturday morning.

Wayne Alden, who does work on the exterior of the building with lawn maintenance for the owner, saw mild smoke coming from Sachem Eye Care, located at 388 Hawkins Ave. in Lake Ronkonkoma. 

Alden said he aided in extinguishing the heat source that was relatively just mild smoke, before the Ronkonkoma Fire Department arrived at the scene.

Joanna Massimo-Lax, who lives next door, said she heard all of the commotion and came outside.

"I figured there was an accident," she said. "Someone said they saw smoke and that's what I know."

Two chiefs from the fire department confirmed that it was a small electrical charge fire that was under control. Multiple people waited outside the building before the Fire Marshall allowed them to go back in.


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