DA: Port Jefferson Station Meat Farms Parking Lot Used in Heroin-Prostitution Ring

Port Jefferson Station motel also used for prostitution services.

The on Route 112 and one area motel in Port Jefferson Station were singled out by Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota on Monday as he provided  that he said operated throughout several areas in Brookhaven Town including Coram and Medford.

Sandra Russell and Steven Mcdaniel, both of Coram, were identified as the ringleaders by Spota at a press conference Monday morning at Suffolk County Criminal Court in Riverhead. Of those involved, Medford's Jahiteak Appling was identified as one of the runners.

Farmingville's Jennifer Licata was also identified as a runner, and Spota said she is separately charged with promoting prison contraband in the first degree and was found to have heroin in her possession while incarcerated in the Suffolk County jail.

"During the summer of 2011, the undercover police officers made quite a few undercover buys from Mcdaniel back last summer," Spota said. "And then in November Mcdaniel was arrested by another police agency for also selling heroin to them."

Spota said that the investigators found through a court order for wiretap surveillance that Mcdaniel had turned over the heroin and prostitution rings to Russell while he was incarcerated.

Russell was purchasing raw, uncut heroin from Taquan Rashad, of the Bronx, which Spota said was unusual for these types of deals. The cutting and packaging was either done at Russell's home or at Lee Appling's home also in Coram. The heroin was then turned over to the runners, which Licata and Appling were a part of, Spota said. 

The primary locations identified as where the heroin was sold included outside of the  in Port Jefferson Station, a Handy Pantry convenience store in Coram and a  in Farmingville, as well as several Centereach locations.

In addition to the heroin ring, Spota said that Russell was housing four prostitutes at a time.

"Most of the prostitutes ranged in age from 19 to 22, 23 years of age," Spota said. "And what she was doing in exchange for their prostitution services she was providing them with housing, clothing, food, cell phones, toiletries and what they needed absolutely the most is heroin, that's what she was paying them with for the most part."

One of the exhibits at the press conference was a record showing how much heroin a prostitute would get based on the amount of money they brought in. Spota said this started at $80, or 15 minutes or service, equaling two bags.

Spota said that all of the money and tips were turned over to Russell. Spota said the prostitutes worked out of the Comfort Inn, Gaslight Motor Inn and 112 Motel in Medford, and the American Motel in Port Jefferson Station.

Spota also said that Mcdaniel wrote a letter to Russell outlining ways to keep the prostitutes under Russell's control.

The letter, which was exhibited at the press conference, included rules such as to never trust for any of them and to "make sure you own their mind's, body's, and soul's."

In terms of cash made from this operation, Spota said that around $20,000 in profit would be made by Russell from 50 grams of heroin. On display at the press conference was around $130,000, of which $8,000 was kept in her home and the rest in safe deposit boxes. Other items found included various jewelery, Rolex watches, cell phones and an iPad.

Of the suspects, only Licata was scheduled for arraignment on Monday. The rest will be scheduled on various dates, Spota said.

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ReeNee August 19, 2012 at 11:19 PM
Thanks to the SCP for busting these guys! Don't forget about the dead body that was found behind Meat Farms this past year. I avoid that shopping center.
Kenneth Mac Alpin August 19, 2012 at 11:29 PM
so long as child abusers\ dope dealers like diane and peter allen of winter green drive coram breath the will be dealing deatyh period
Americanivory October 06, 2012 at 10:36 PM
Here it is almost two months after the problems were brought to the public and has anyone else noticed the chicos and chicas are virtually gone from the PJS Meatfarms - finally english speaking workers you can actually speak to and understand!!!! And I would presume these employees are legal citizens....
G December 28, 2012 at 09:56 AM
I've been shopping at meat farms for years without a problem. They have great veggies & fruits and to the one who complains about people not taking action or complaining to the police about what went on there, how do you know the store owners didn't complain? Apparently someone did something if they all got arrested. Maybe they're too busy WORKING to notice what goes on outside, i know I'm too busy trying to keep up with the damn taxes that everyone votes to increase. To the one who made the comment about getting them off the govts tit, lmao that's funny, seems they had a profitable enterprise going on there as the evidence pics prove. To the borderline racist comment regarding the chicos and chicas or lack thereof since the arrests, I bet you also agree that min wage shouldn't be raised either and that Americans should support themselves on 7.25/hr. Not for nothing but drug deals have been going on in this town for decades, back in the 80's it was cocaine and it was being sold and consumed by "gasp" white middle class people. To the one who says there should be cops at motels, good luck with THAT, since that would put a huge damper on all the marital infidelities that go on there and that could never be tolerated by the taxpayers or the business owners. To CAPLOCK Sue, typing in all CAPS is considered rude as per Internet etiquette and complaining about it here will accomplish nothing anyway.
chickenhead December 30, 2012 at 07:37 AM
just 1 white girl lol


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