What New Business Do You Want To See in Wainscott?

With Pet Hampton gone, there are two spaces available for rent off Montauk Highway.

Pet Hampton & Aquarium closed last month after 22 years, leaving an empty space for a new business, or two, to set up shop in Wainscott.

Pet Hampton used two spaces at 338 Montauk Hwy., next to Wainscott Hardware, so, technically, two new stores could replace it.

Soonafter the store closed, construction workers started working in the space, but we still don't know what will pop up there. We figure it's not likely to be another pet store — Dr. Mark Davis at the South Fork Animal Hospital next door announced that he hopes to open a pet supplies store up by the end of the month.

What would you like to see there? Is there any type of business missing from Wainscott? Leave a comment below.

ViralGrain January 11, 2013 at 06:53 PM
About a dollar store. Since no one else seems to want anything that might be entertaining on a year-round basis.
john January 11, 2013 at 10:20 PM
the building was bought for i think 2 million, am i wrong?anyway 2mil at say 5% interest on a comercial loan for 15 years is about 16000 per month plus taxs & insurance, so its costing ben about 18,000 per month just to own the bldg. its about 7000 square feet, so its costing him lets say about $30.84 per sq ft. so the pet store was using about 3000 sq ft, 3000x30.83divided by 12 =7710.00 is what it costs ben to provide that store for rent for one month, roughly, so it was 8000.00 per month, is it ok with you if ben makes a little money on his investment? what? is 300 dollars a month profit on something that cost him several million to much? i to would love to see a shooting supply store in east hampton, but the proffit on a gun sale is around 100 dollars so you would need to sell 80 guns a month just to pay the rent, and demographicly i just dont think there are enough people in this area to do it.
Lady L January 12, 2013 at 11:08 PM
The biggest reason for high rent is high taxes. If the store's property taxes went up as much as mine, it means the renter must absorb the cost so the landlord can make the mortgage payment (in many cases). Please people, stop voting more taxes upon yourselves. This is unsustainable and suicidal.
MARTIN DREW January 13, 2013 at 01:43 PM
Hey Viral want something fun to do ... Move to Puerto Rico We have 365 Sun / MOTO / BMX / SKATE / SURF ; Jet Skiis : Parasail ; wake boarding ; Horse back riding on tropical beaches .. Diving .. Sunset sails ; Did I mention the REAL BEACHES ..LOL .. .. Natural Caves : Dry Forests ; OUR CRUISE INDUSTRY / Islands galore to explore .. SUNDAY'S ARE THE BEST .. Motorcycling ; AtV s; jeep caravans ; car shows ; pulgeros ( flea markets)...we even have the coffee - top growers in the world .. Get a life and get out of NY ... Where life is more important than stuffy resturaunts .. Fake people ; glory cars and a trip to Starbucks .. as excitement ... What is needed in that space .. A TRAVEL AGENCY / Laundry mat / with cafe / so one can book a way out ; do laundry / have a cup of PR Joe and bolt during the winter months ... Did I mention the $1 Medallias ..$1 Limbers ; $2 Chicken pinchos ; $4.50 home cooked meals at local digs ... www.413ROAD.com when you need that FUN for ALL CAUSE IN PR "WE ALL RIDE" EVERYDAY !!
ViralGrain January 13, 2013 at 09:18 PM
LOL- I hear ya. Thats the first logical thing I've seen you write in a long time. But I do have a life here and all the responsibilities that come with it. I'm not one to run from anything either. Maybe one day when that time comes, I can leave out knowing that maybe this place is on track to living up to the potential it has while still keeping the qualities that made this area unique. In the meantime there is no place like home.


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