Talk Back: Sachem's Drug Problem?

Recent arrest in heroin ring, multiple nasal Narcan incidents, sparks conversations of rampant drug use.

On August 8, police and EMS volunteers rescued a parking lot on Ronkonkoma Avenue in Ronkonkoma. The police on the scene administered nasal Narcan, a procedure known to save overdose victims who ordinarily may have died before they reached the hospital.

On August 10, nasal Narcan was who had overdosed in the parking lot of the Mobil gas station on Express Drive North in Holbrook.  

And yesterday, a Farmingville woman was arraigned in court for her alleged involvement in a heroin-prostitution ring that was widespread across Sachem and the rest of Long Island.

In the comment thread of one story, the heroin use was described as an "epidemic." It got us thinking about this poll question.

We ask: "Does the Sachem community have a serious underground drug problem going on?"

Take our poll, or drop a comment beneath this article.


dont blame me August 22, 2012 at 04:04 AM
im a recent young sachem grad and the statement is beal means true. as adults you hear it i was the student that scene it in the hallways, classrooms the bus rides to nd from school, lunchroom everywhere. its sad, the memorys i shared with my classmates were great over the years, tho as we grow older things change nd so do the people but to count the number i went to school with and now the 1's that are still left its jus wrong. what i mean is that, there's been many death's in the Sachem family overdoses and accidients harable molments that we do forget. but to end it from 2005 to right now the drug addicition problem has got to be at the all-time worst for we this Sachem family
Courtney August 22, 2012 at 11:52 PM
Sally, drop the dramatics. The sachem area isn't the new Bedstuy. You don't need to over-react in order to express your concern. I graduated Sachem in 2005. Like many, I experimented with substances. From the time I left elementary, I was exposed to this whole new world. Kids were having sex, kids were doing drugs. You saw it start with prescriptions.. percs, xanx, valium, vicodine. As we got older, and kids were tired of those drugs, it became OCs , roxies, coke, heroine. I came from a wonderful family, attentive parents. But hey, i even experimented. wasn't their fault!!! It was my fault. My friends were experimenting, and they too came from wonderful families. Sure they taught us right from wrong, but at a young age, you feel invisible and you will do things that may get you killed. I was popular, smart and did very well in school. Getting your child in sports will not keep them from drugs. If you people were just flys on the wall, you would know about the cheerleaders, soccer players, football, dancers, kids on the chess team , doing drugs. It was every where. Kids in top of their classes were doing drugs. The rich, poor, smart, stupid, athletic , non athletic...WERE ALL DOING DRUGS. Just some were more smart about it than others. They knew when and when not to use. Others took it too far. If you only knew how many sachem grads went to rehab from the years 04-06. Everyone from the schools, SCPD, to parents knew. But they were too busy complaining on sachem patch.
Sally August 27, 2012 at 03:28 AM
Hey Courtney....I'm not being dramatic. I'm being realistic. You were probably one of the kids "experimenting" in the car with your friends in front of someone's house and until you have kids (or maybe you do already, having possibly had sex right out of elementary school), don't tell me, I'm over reacting when it comes to the care of children who are NOT of age to be witnessing these things. I'm not naive to those who do it and am aware that it's affecting all walks of life. My issue is with the those who put MY life danger by driving high or throwing a needle on my property....and I happen to be in the Sachem community. We all do stupid things when we are young, myself included. But when you get to a certain age, it's time to take responsibility for your actions. I don't come on Sachem Patch to complain. I read the news in my community and try to stay involved for the better of my family. You can fault me for that if you like, but I pay to live here and I have a right to my opinion.
Tracey January 24, 2013 at 06:37 PM
It is amazing to me how everyone is pointing the finger , My god people dont you see the writing on the wall ? Everyone is to BLAME, if you turn your head and act like the big Purple COW isnt in the room Than it’s your fault ! I have three kids 2 have graduated from North and one a year away from completing it , You know what they always said - YOU CAN GET ANYTHING you want@North It’s like a candy store you don’t see what you want Just ASK ,If Sachem wants to turn their heads and do NOTHING than they are to blame Send home a paper on everything else under the sun Make automated calls to homes for EVERY event , But NEVER an acknowledgement about a student overdosing or drinking and driving ( You get caught its should be and is Public knowledge,The kids know about it , they are talking about it but are learning if it’s not in their backyard to turn the blind eye on it For every student that overdose or gets caught drinking and driving or dies in a DWI accident there should be a mandated auditorium SCHOOL acknowledgement and prayer for the family that is grieving ( Yes I said PRAYER) students have to attend and physically take notice how many times they are attending something like that MAYBE it will teach these kids to speak up sooner ,make a drop box ,Where is the DARE program? Who is running it ? why isn’t this the big talk at the meetings ? What has sachem done to help ? tell me ! .
Tracey January 24, 2013 at 06:52 PM
Concerned , Stop pointing the finger , I know of many good parents that have good hearts and morals and their children got caught up in the sick world of drugs , It takes a Village not just the parent , - If your neighbors are having parties and disrespecting your property then call the cops They will stop it . Have the cops tell them to clean it up Trust me THEY will do their jobs , Kids under age drinking? You never did huh? Cool parents ? You sure they were home ? How sure? You seem like the Me factor Not the helper Just the my lawn type Gezz


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