Talk Back: Remembering 9/11

Anniversary of deadly attack on U.S. soil provides moment of reflection.

Eleven years ago on a Tuesday morning, just like this morning, America and perhaps the world, changed forever. In the deadliest attack on U.S. soil since Pearl Harbor, more than three thousand Americans were killed when al-Qaeda operatives under the guidance of Osama Bin Laden carried out a coordinated attack using commercial aircraft as missiles.

Many in the Sachem community were killed on that day, and in the aftermath of the attacks, the U.S. launched military campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The attacks also changed the way we travel by air, as increased security has led to extensive searches, shoe removals and debates about racial profiling.

For our Talk Back today, we open the comments section for you to tell us what you're thinking about on this day. Do you have a personal message? Do you wish to share how you think the world has changed? What impact did the events of 9/11 have on your life?

Leave a message in the comments. Please keep in mind that on a day like this, perhaps even political discussions can remain polite?


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