Talk Back: Is Long Island Hurricane Proof?

On the 1-year anniversary of Hurrican Irene, we start a conversation about how prepared we are for "the big one."

Today marks the one-year anniversary of Hurrican Irene, a storm that tore through the island destroying trees, homes and flooding streets. Despite the downed power lines and the evacuated shoreline, Hurricane Irene still wasn't as strong or as damaging as the Hurricane of 1938.

Since that storm, experts on Long Island have spoken about the second coming of "the big one;" that 38' type hurricane that sends us all into the dark ages. It made us wonder if Long Island has any preparation to handle a storm of the 38' magnitude, especially given the fact that the population on Long Island has increased just a little bit since the late 1930s.

Our poll question for this week:  Do you think Long Island is prepared for another hurricane like the one in 1938?

Take our poll and/or join in the discussion below.


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