Talk Back: Gas Prices. How High is Too High?

As prices climb above $4 per gallon, Sachem residents might want to consider car-pooling.

This week Sachem residents saw a dramatic jump in what they were paying at the pump as gas prices rose to as high as $4.29 for 87 octane.

Prices had stabalized over the course of the summer, holding between $3.60 and $3.75 per gallon, but according to some reports, a shortage in summer-produced gasoline, coupled with the effects of Hurricane Isaac has caused prices to skyrocket.

According to a recent Newsday article, prices are expected to drop again once production of fall gasoline gets underway.

But the high prices led us into our poll question this week. Do the prices at the pump cause you to change your lifestyle? Take our poll or comment in the box below.


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