Talk Back: Concerned About West Nile?

With eight sites in the Sachem area testing positive for West Nile infected mosquitos, Suffolk Health Department advises caution.

Last week, tested positive for the presense of West Nile virus in mosquitos and one human being in Suffolk County contracted the virus.

The Suffolk County Health Department warned residents to exercise caution when engaging in outdoor activities, and to keep on the watch for dead birds--a possible sign of the virus. Some of the precautions include using spray repellant liberally and frequently, keeping children covered when hiking or sitting around a campfire and sweeping out any still water that might be gathered around the property. Still puddles attract mosquito larvae, and can increase the mosquito population around your home.

So how have these warnings affected your day-to-day summer routine? Are you being more vigilant? Or do you take everything in stride?

Take our poll question below or feel free to drop a comment beneath this story.



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