Sound Off: Weekly Recap

Dangerous intersections revealed, 'From my cold, dead hands.'

Here's the scoop on a couple of items that got the Sachem community actively involved in our coverage. Click on the hyperlink to view the story again, and feel free to keep the comment chain going.

One of the more memorable clips of a documentary released a while back shows former president of the NRA Charlton Heston raising a rifle above his head and shouting "from my cold dead hands!"

That seems to be the sentiment of those who took part in our Talk Back poll last week, which we asked in the wake of the recent mass shooting at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin. To our question: Do you think the recent shooting at a Sikh temple should make us reconsider licensing semi-automatic weapons to citizens, an overwhelming 83% of pollsters answered No, the Second Amendment is absolute. Others chimed in with comments below the story.

From Daniel Howland: Honestly the gun wasn't the problem, it was just the tool used by this current nutjob. He had also made bombs and placed them in his appartment. If he was unable to use the gun, then most likely he would have blown up the theater killing many more than he did. The current reports say his Doctor alerted police(or requested a background check). That should have put him on their radar, it sadly didn't. 

From Sam Adams 1776 III:  The right is not subject to democratic vote, and at least according to the Amednment, government is forbidden from ANY infringement (does anyone ever read that thing anymore?)!!!!

Many in the Sachem community apparently live near dangerous stop signs, given the amount of contributions we got from our most recent Talk Back question. Our poll was less a poll and more a call for readers to tell us which stop signs are the most routinely ignored. The comments rolled in as fast as the scofflaws who roll through the stop signs.

From Joe Kelly: I live on the corner of a four-way stop, near the end of a relatively long stretch coming west from Broadway Avenue in Holbrook. It is not uncommon for drivers to go through the stop signs at well in excess of fifty miles an hour, in a residential area. We scream at them, tell them to slow down... nothing makes a difference. Ironically, a lot of this takes place on days of worship (we live within walking distance of a church). Apparently, these folks are in even more of a rush to meet their maker; it's only a matter of time before two drivers blow the signs at once. I only hope it isn't a kid on a bike - especially my kid. We've asked the local cops to keep an eye out, but they're busy with other things. That's a shame: they could be writing upwards of ten-fifteen tickets a day - more on weekends.

From Dana Fitzpatrick: The corner of Frances blvd & Leonard st in Holtsville. this is a bus stop & people blow thru this stop sign ALL the time!! Being this is a long street they drive so fast also!

From Fred Harris (via Facebook): The one going North on South Howell at Gaymor Ln., I have been trying for years to have it moved 30 ft south to the corner of Linden and South Howell which is a very dangerous blind intersection.

From Melissa Lang (via Facebook): Corner of lincoln ave and roberts st in holbrook......right near the park, in 2 hours there you will probably only see maybe 4 cars actually stop!!

We appreciate all the feedback. Keep it coming, Sachem!


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