Sound Off: Weekly Recap

Possible closure of Holtsville Ecology Center, Mitt Romney's middle class.

Here's the scoop on a couple items that got the Sachem community invested in our coverage. Click on the hyperlink to view the story again, and feel free to keep the comment chain going

Residents Fuming Over Possible Closure of Holtsville Ecology Site

Hundreds of Sachem-area residents sprung into action this week after hearing news that the Town of Brookhaven might be shuttering the popular ecology site, including its zoo. From a viral Facebook campaign, to an online petition, the protests led up to a massive showing at the Brookhaven Town Board meeting last night to voice their displeasure.

Patch first provided its platform for residents to speak out on Tuesday.

From Jaime: "These are injured animals that bring joy to children. If it has heavy non resident usage then make it like the parks in Smithtown and Islip towns and charge non residents and makes sure Brookhaven Residents buy their Brookhaven sticker. It is ridiculous. They should worry more about cutting political appointed jobs and leave this alone!!!"

From John Isernia: "this park is a wonderful place to visit, for many years i brought my children and now my grandchildren..to all you fathers mothers and grandparents on the committee deciding it;s future ...follow what your heart tells you to do.....i know you will do the right thing"

From Zully Capaldo: "The ecology site is one of the most wonderful family spots we have, they can't be serious? It was probably the first day trip my grandson had. It has something for everyone from infants to seniors. A parent can take their children with a sandwich from home & it becomes a picnic & a great way to spend the day."

From Linda Adwar: "This is a beautiful park and I am sure something can be worked out. A fee per person or per car or fundraising and also corporate sponsorships. We need to let the town know how we feel."

Talk Back: What Does A Middle Class Income Look Like?

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney started a media controversy last on ABC's "Good Morning America," when he said:

"No...middle income is $200,000 to $250,000 and less."

Many complained that Romney's quote was simply taken out of context while others said it was evidence of the candidate being out of touch with the current state of American households and what the middle class truly is. We asked Sachem residents to weigh in.

From Edward ML Peters: "We must be careful in our use of statistics. The most common value is not the median. The median is the number that is the center point as on a roadway. The most common value is the modal value. If $51k is the median it is not what you are representing."

From Adrienne Meyers Wilber (Via Facebook): "He is completely clueless. The middle class makes less than that."

From Jennifer Bulone DePalo (Via Facebook): "He's not wrong....let me say this if you have a police officer making 80k a year plus overtime married to a tenured teacher or nurse make @ 80k that's close to 200k....they aren't millionaires they are middle class"


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