Sound Off: Weekly Recap

High gas prices, and the debate about pit bulls continues.

Here's the scoop on a couple of items that got the Sachem community invested in our coverage. Click on the hyperlink to view the story again, and feel free to keep the comment chain going.

With gas prices shooting up past $4 per gallon at most area gas station, we asked in our poll if the high prices were causing you to change your lifestyle. Most of you in the poll expressed your inability to fight the system, as 75% of respondents answered: "I have to drive; there's nothing I can do about it." One respondent answered "Yes, I'm hoofing it for my local errands."

Over on our Facebook page, readers jumped into the debate in the comments section:

From Donna Sanner Kingston: "Anything over $2 is too high. These people with the Hedge Funds and politicians are all greedy thieves!"

From Lizzie Hart Savage: "Less AC and less driving."

News came over last night that four women, three employees and one customer were attacked at the Hounds Town Dog Day Care center in Ronkonkoma, after Gino, a male pit bull, turned on the women after being released from his cage.

The news, shared here, and on Facebook, sparked some early comments from the community.

From Brittany White:  "I'm so tired of hearing about these pit bulls in the news and people fail to realize that we should not be blaming the dogs. The owners and handlers are the ones that need to train and take care of their dogs. Also I think anyone adopting a pit bull should do research. I have one and they are a lot of work but by far the most loyal and loving to their families and raised properly."

From Lilli Trapani Sarantos: "I agree - I have a pit bull that I rescued - and I have boarded my dog at Hounds Town many times. They are wonderful with the dogs there. And they behavior test them to see if they are ok with other dogs etc. I have never even see cages there - only runs... and they have a playroom for them. They are really fantastic with the dogs - thats we chose them.... This is just sad..."

From Linda Dirmeir Magliaro: "That's why people use this facility, Brittany, so the dogs get socialization and excercise during the day instead of being locked up in a cage. They are great there."

We appreciate the great feedback we get from our readers. Check with Patch regularly to take our polls and get involved in discussions on our site!


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