Sound Off: Weekly Recap

Drug use in Sachem, Mark Lesko resigns as Brookhaven Super.

Here's the scoop on a couple of items that got the Sachem community actively involved in our coverage. Click on the hyperlink to view the story again, and feel free to keep the comment chain going.

After a spate of overdose victims saved by police and EMS workers by using nasal Narcan, as well as a major heroin bust that led to the arrest of a Farmingville woman, we reached out to the community to find out if there is a drug epidemic in Sachem.

Is there a problem with police enforcement? Something about the community that leads people to drug use? Or is it a problem that all communities face?

To our poll question (does the Sachem community have a serious underground drug problem going on?) 78% of you said "Yes," while 21% said "No more than any other community." The conversation continued in our comments section.

From Kelly S: I watch drug deals happen on my block on a daily basis. I hear stories of people I graduated with being coke and heroin addicts. I'm sure many places have these drug problems but something must be done about it. With the way things are going I would not want to raise a family in the sachem community in the future.

From Concerned Parent: This problem is too deep... What makes a person decide to push herion needles into their arms to get high... Knowingly that they can die of an overdose... The first time.... It's disgusting! Sachem needs a drug task force that actively patrols areas & does something to these ignorant Adults & Children!!!! I can name 3 places they can be daily & find more than 5 addicts a day!!!!! Take our neighborhoods back, before it's too late, once & for all.

From John Cosgrove: Holy god.. How about accountability folks? Maybe just maybe if you "force" you kids to play sport year-round so they dont have time to get involved with these skells..maybe just maybe you force your kids to not hang with bad influences, hey make the stay home on school nights, 12 mid curfew on weekends.. and how about this..Talk to them, look for changes in behavior..100% nothing will happen? No . but it helps

Many of you reacted to our Patch team coverage of the sudden resignation of Brookhaven Town Supervisor Mark Lesko. Lesko announced that he was leaving office, effective mid-September to run the Accelerate Long Island Project, a think-tank geared toward transitioning Long Island into a better economic climate with initiatives such as creating transit-oriented districts around LIRR stations. Lesko is leaving his post early and his absense may cause the balance of power in Brookhaven to shift.

We asked residents to voice their opinion over the news, and their report card of Lesko's job while he was in it.

From Craig R. Wallace: He ran for office and people elected him to fulfill a "term" position.  Whats wrong here is his lack of commitment, sense of responsibility, and ethics. A true politician who is only concerned about himself and lacks the dedication to represent his constituents.
He states he's done with politics "for now"  In my eyes it should be forever. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me.  I got that one right President Bush

From Paul Hart: I'm really sorry to see him go. Perhaps the local political shenanigans are just too dirty for an honest person to stomach.

From Jamie: Thank goodness this liar is leaving office! I doubt his "think tank" will accomplish much since he didn't accomplish much in his tenure other then tell lies to the residents of my area!


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