Sound Off: Weekly Recap

Ronkonkoma HUB presentation, East student starts White House petition.

Here's the scoop on a couple items that got the Sachem community invested in our coverage. Click on the hyperlink to view the item again, and feel free to keep the comment chain going.

TRITEC's Ronkonkoma HUB Presentation Gets Mixed Reviews

Last week at the Ronkonkoma Chamber of Commerce meeting held at Windows on the Lake, developers from TRITEC gave an updated presentation on their plans for the Ronkonkoma HUB, a 50-acre section of land centered by the LIRR Ronkonkoma station. The HUB calls for the development of the area with mixed-use zoning to allow for apartment units and retail stores. Business owners, while optimistic, are somewhat concerned with TRITEC's ability to do the job, and how TRITEC intends to acquire the property from local property owners within the proposal.

From Rich Murdocco: TRITEC's vision for the area is sound, but they need to be sure that community participation is first and foremost during the ongoing development process. The Ronkonkoma HUB is regionally important in respect to its central location near rails, roads and aviation. Given the scope and regional impact this project can have, we do not want another sound plan to end up on a shelf collecting dust. The most critical phase of any development effort is implementation, and TRITEC, the Town of Brookhaven and Suffolk County should have an open mind about resident concerns and wants.

From Diane: RCA's (Ronkonkoma Civic Association's) meeting packed the house!! It was an eye opener for our community!!!! Our presentation is not nearly what the project is going to be. We feel the urgency to work together at this precious time to help implement the future of Ronkonkoma, including Isip and Brookhaven. The three projects are changing our suburbian community to an Urban Rising!!!! We must protect and preserve our town, NOW!!!!

East Student Launches Student Personal Days Campaign

Sachem East junior Alex Volpicello found himself at the center of a solid debate this week when Patch reported his recent launch of a letter writing and petition campaign to institute a system of earned personal days for high school students. The East honor student proposed a system whereby academic success is rewarded with up to five personal days that students can take whenever they wish without attendance penalty. Volpicello even launched an online petition on the White House website. Since Patch reported the story, the signatures have jumped from 10 to over 70. Passions ran high on this story on both the home website, and our Facebook page.

From Joe F: This kid gets 2 months off during the summer, Christmas break, winter recess, and spring break, along with a day here and there. And he wants more days off? Sounds like another spoiled Long Island brat to me, with obviously not enough homework! These kids on the Island are beyond spoiled already, air conditioners in classrooms?

From Shay Meyer: And about those breaks you claim we have? I spent EVERY high school break doing so much homework, I might as well have been back in school. Times are changing, sir. Students have much more pressure put on them and colleges have higher expectations of them than they did 20, 10, even 5 years ago. We aren't complaining about our workload, we're asking for a chance to rest, recoup, and regroup so that we can maintain the level of excellence we are expected to be at.

From Marianne Cruz: While the suggestion shows great creativity, it is unfortunately slanted toward the stronger student and as such, would be very unfair. All students struggle in one way or another. Life isn't fair and it isn't easy...

From Tom Calabrese: I have three daughters that graduated Sachem. All good students. I do understand the need for an occasional mental breather for anyone. That kind of a day was always discussed between my daughters and myself. If they needed a day home to 'chill' and I knew what it was for I would write a note the next day and get them excused. So I really don't know if it is necessary to formalize it.

From Bryan Goldberg (On Facebook): Is he gonna write the same petition when he goes to college? Stress is stress, kid. Wait til you get older.

From Lorraine Grippo (On Facebook): yea , we went to school did our classwork and home work or we did not pass. Grow up. Kids today are so spoiled. Wnter break, spring break, please. Proud graduate class of 1974.

From JGJR: I feel for you and your classmates, I like your initiative, but I also feel for your parents, for the system you (and them) are stuck in is a self serving, vicious machine built on fear and deception. If you are one of the lucky ones, both of your parents have their heads on straight and both help guide you through these most crucial and formative years of life.


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