Sound Off: Weekly Recap

Bravo for a hometown cooking hero, Labor Day plans revealed.

Here's the scoop on a couple of items that got the Sachem community invested in our coverage. Click on the hyperlink to view the story again, and feel free to keep the comment chain going.

We'd like to say it ain't so, but sadly, Holtsville native Frank Mirando was sent out of the kitchen on Fox's Master Chef this week. Mirando was knocked out of the box in a head to head pressure test against Joshua Marks after just falling short of perfection on a triple-souffle dish.

Patch documented his run every week as he continued to impress the judges. No doubt we'll hear from him again, and our Facebook followers came out to give some encouraging words.

From Rose Wiederecht: "What a great accomplishment Frank! To be part of the top 4!!!! Look forward to your cook book!!!! Was rooting for you to win!"

From Bob LaCorte: "great job Frank. It was fun watching you advance."

We wanted to know if Labor Day Weekend's arrival meant you were partying hard or hardly partying. For some, the weekend is a time to reflect, relax and ready for the coming fall. Packing school bags and arranging for day care. For others it's the last chance to squeeze in what's left of the warm weather with barbeques, a day on the beach, a ride on the boat. The last hurrah before the sun starts dropping earlier and earlier.

Our Talk Back poll response was weak, but split down the middle between two very cooperative (much appreciated) users. Plus, we got a nice comment from a mother who gets to play host to her son and cook for him like old times:

From Nancy K. Nee: "My son Christopher is home from Ft. Drum for the weekend..so I'll be cooking for him and feeding him all of his favorites from home!!!"



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