Sound Off: Weekly Recap

New Year's resolutions for 2013, the year 2012 report card.

Here's the scoop on a couple items that got the Sachem community invested in our coverage. Click on the hyperlink to view the item again, and feel free to keep the comment chain going.

What Would You Improve in Sachem in 2013?

After ringing in 2013, we asked the Sachem community in a Talk Back, what changes they'd like to see take place in the next 365 days. Comments ranged from adult education programs, to dangerous intersections.

From Dorothy Roman: "I would ask that the town help to get some new businesses. We lost so many and Portiion Rd and Hawkins and Ronkonkokma Aves have many many empty stores."

From Bonnie Bruno: "SAFER INTERSECTION" @ No. Service Rd. of L.I.E. & Holbrook Rd. "SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE" always accidents & fatalities"

From Gayle Jaya Precht: "I would ask all concerned to please begin the process of returning and restoring our adult community education department. It was one of the best on Long Island .It is sorely missed and its sudden demise was puzzling and unplanned. Thank you for any consideration,it is really needed."

From Chris: "I also, would like to see the return of the adult education department. Cannot understand why it was abruptly cancelled. The students pay for the programs and they always had very good classes!"

Facebook Poll: On a A-F scale, how would you rate your 2012?

On Facebook we asked the community to give 2012 an honest report card. The poll picked up more than 20 responses; 12 of which gave 2012 a failing grade. There were some who must be missing 2012, for they offered the top grade.

From Michelle Kaplan: "glad its almost over what a terrible yr so many bad things happened for all of us this yr and may 2013 bring some joy"

From Nick Apostolico: "A. Anything less would mean that I dont realize how lucky I am."

From Jennifer Angieri: "B~ Thankfully blessed with 3 healthy children, my spouse, & exended family. Amazing Friends. Wonderful experiences. I couldn't ask for more."


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