Sound Off: Weekly Recap

Albany's bleak numbers for Sachem, the Fifth Precinct to receive Narcan training.

Here's the scoop on a couple items that got the Sachem community invested in our coverage. Click on the hyperlink to view theĀ item again, and feel free to keep the comment chain going.

Sachem District Could See Decrease in State Aid

Yesterday Patch reported New York State's preliminary aid budget to the state's school district, which revealed that as it stands, aid will be cut to Sachem by more than $2 million. Sachem will be one of just a couple surrounding schools of similar size to be losing aid, and will stand to lose the most aid of any of the large schools. Superintendent Nolan stated that they are currently in talks with the district's state representatives in Albany to petition for more aid. The news prompted some comments from our Facebook community.

From Allen Wone: why do good districts lose money and "poor" ones gain money? Why does 3 village which is a good one gain?? Who does this math??

From Lauri Lane: This is criminal, in the world we live in today, all of expenses are going up, we just got hit with new taxes this month and saw a decline in our paychecks, the state will raise their taxes on us, yet will cut funding to our schools? Makes no sense, shame on NYS....SHAME!

From Michele Favaro: Newsday had a complete chart of the school aid in yesterday's paper. It reported that Sachem was 0.01% up from last year but NOT nearly what Sachem should be getting.

From Jeanine Cosgrove-Albert: Time to get in the bus and go lobby in Albany like we did from 1990-1992...

Fifth Precinct the Beneficiary of Life-Saving Narcan Program

Earlier this week we reported that the Fifth Precinct of Suffolk County Police would be getting the training required to administer Narcan, which is a prescription nasal medication that has proven to revive victims of opiate overdose. This past summer, Fourth Precinct police, who already have the training, were able to revive two overdose victims in the Sachem community in the span of one week. The Narcan program will not only expand to the Fifth Precinct, but also to the remaining precincts that haven't already received it in Suffolk County. The story spoke to our Facebook followers about the issue of drugs in the Sachem community.

From Gary Stadler: As an EMS provider they should extend this to families that have loved ones coming out of rehab. You would be shocked how many people get out of rehab and OD shortly there after.

From Jean Conklin-Chiuchiolo: I miss living in the Sachem District but I am so glad we moved south in 2004 when my Daughter was going into 11th grade. So many of her friends have killed themselves from an Over Dose and so many of them are hooked on drugs. It's so sad! These kids just don't realize that there is so much more to life then doing drugs. Be a Leader, not a Follower!

From Deb McCleary Tumillo: I'd like a follow up to the kids that have been sAved. R they changing their lives ? I hope so !!


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