Sound Off: Weekly Recap

Superintendent Nolan on extending school years, Zeldin's position on gun control legislation.

Here's the scoop on a couple items that got the Sachem community invested in our coverage. Click on the hyperlink to view the item again, and feel free to keep the comment chain going.

Superintendent Nolan: I'm Guarded About Cuomo's Proposals

Earlier this week we spoke with Sachem Superintendent James Nolan to gauge his reaction to Gov. Cuomo's proposals during his State of the State Address. In the address, Cuomo offered the possibility of extending the academic year or lengthening school days in order to increase student academic success. Nolan said while he was always open to suggestions, he was guarded about anyone offering a quick-fix solution to the challenges of education. Sachem commenters jumped into the fray:

From Dane: what is the big deal about kids going to school for an extra few weeks??!! oh yeah I forgot, if school is extended parents & kids will view this as "catastrophic" complain that their 2 1/2 months off is too short.. Kids need to focus more on Education bc very few actually care about it!!

From Brian: Extend both the length of the school day and the year. The amount of breaks and interruptions in the weekly and monthly calendar are outrageous. There is almost no week where there is a half day, day off, conference, etc. You don't see this in Finland, S. Korea, Japan, etc. where their students are far exceeding the work our students produce. 

From Kat Lee: Mr. Nolan a voice of reason in this world today is refreshing. So nice to hear someone speak with a reasonable train of thought...I went to school in the peak years of the baby boomers and we were in school no more or less than the kids are now. We went to school at 8:00 O clock and were home by 2:30. We did 45 minutes of home work and then went out to play. We were jammed into classrooms 32-35 kids deep with one teacher and often had split sessions. I and most of my class went on to college and for the most part have done well in the world. 

Talk Back: Do You Agree With Sen. Zeldin?

We asked the Sachem community if it supported Sen. Lee Zeldin's, at-least-philosophical response to the State Senate's passage of tougher restrictions on gun ownership. Zeldin was unable to attend the vote in Albany, but wrote in his opposition to the measure, stating that it violates the 2nd Amendment, which was intended, not for hunting, but for citizens to be armed against an invading force, or the country's own potentially tryannical government. The topic, especially in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, is a hot one.

From Bill Morin: Where does it end...The Second Amendment is the Second Amendment..Senator Zeldin is 100% RIGHT.

From Liz R.: The 2nd Amendment calls for the right to bear arms to form a well-regulated militia. We have a military. Citizens do not need AK-47's or other assault weapons in their homes. Want a handgun for protection? Fine. Want a rifle for hunting? Go right ahead. But an Assault Weapon? Absolutely not. This is not 1776 as much as Tea Partiers would like to believe it is.

From Mike Rotolo: The 2nd amendment was put in place in case the citizens needed to fight the military! Like it or not these elected officials swore to defend and UPHOLD the constitution. It clearly states "NOT TO BE INFRINGED". To do so is crimanal and grounds for removale (sic).

From Tom Smith: Look at how long France and England have prospered as democracies, hundreds of years longer than us in America. The public there have no less liberty or freedom than Americans do, yet they have very little rights to own guns. No run away tyrannical leaders there, just well managed democratic governments, no better than ours. The citizens there, like us, have a power far greater than any gun, it's called the right to VOTE, sounds corny but it's true. The very idea that we need guns, any kind of gun, to fight the US government in the future is just plain silly. The idea that the 2nd amendment somehow safeguards your freedom is a lie, presented to you by the gun lobby which is driven by gun manufacturers and their need make more money and stay in business by selling more guns, they could care less about your freedom.

From Fan Man: Liz R Your (sic) the reason that we fight against any gun law changes. someone like you that knows nothing about guns but thinks the new laws will help stop the violence in any small way. you are so wrong. First over 80% of assault rifles sold are the smaller caliper. Which means most hunting rifles are a lot more powerful than your scary looking assault rifle.



William Speidell January 19, 2013 at 02:12 PM
Tom Smith needs to get his history straight before he comments.


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