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High School dress codes and Black Friday

Here's the scoop on a couple items that got the Sachem community invested in our coverage. Click on the hyperlink to view the story again, and feel free to keep the comment chain going.

Too Provacative For High School?

Last week a Minnesota high school principal made headlines around the country when he spoke out about the way girls were dressing in the hallways. He went on radio and in print outlets to vent, stating "cover your butts up." We wondered what the Sachem community thought about this issue and here's some of what we got back:

From Chrissy Einemann: "yes they are. i cant believe the way some of the girls dress. do the parents not see how their daughters go dressed to school. but cheeks hanging out & low cut tops with belly's showing. its awful, people wonder why kids are getting pregnant at such a young age."

From Kim Rybak: "Boys need to start wearing their pants ABOVE their butts. I should not know what color your boxers are. Girls clothes are too skimpy and tight. It's ridiculous."

From Cate: "Absolutely!! The children, and that is what they are, children, are dressing inappropriately for school and I think its time for our district to enforce the dress code so that the kids dress in an appropriate manner. I have friends who live out of state that have schools with strict dress codes prohibiting many styles of dress and I think it is wonderful. Our children are exposed to so much garbage online and on tv. We, as parents, teachers, administrators need to make them aware that rules need to be followed and one of those rules should be a proper dress code within our schools."

Black Friday: In or Out?

On Facebook we asked the community if they were going to participate in the Black Friday madness that envelops every community the day after Thanksgiving. Black Friday, named after the "black" businesses hope to be in after a strong day of sales, is considered the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season, and thousands of people camp out in front of stores to capitalize on rock-bottom deals for themselves andĀ their loved ones. So...was anyone in Sachem planning to do some Black Friday shopping?

From Jordan Flumignan: "Hell no."

From Bill McCartney: "Sleep... Order online... Decorate for Xmas.... Eat leftovers... Sleep."

From Russ Goetz: "Not me !!! I've been in retail for my 41 yrs & to this day will not work on such an idiotic insane day. Retailers have gotten totally out of control with this Black Friday Frenzie . To me you can't put a Dollar value on the time spent or shared with family & friends. When will if start next next year? 6am Thanksgiving Day ?? Ridiculous!!"

From Barbara Blair-Reid: "I did it tonight all done."

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