PSEG raise everyone's Electric Budgets this Month!

We opened this months PSEG Electric bill and almost fell on the floor.  PSEG raise us almost $100 dollars a month on our Budget.We spoke to many of our friends and families & they too saw raise on average of $95 to $150 a month. We've try calling them and they insisted that fuel has went up a lot.  This is an out right lie, as I have friends in the commodity business and they can vauge that fuel like Oil & natural Gas have not increased to the point that they would need to raise everyone on Long Island that much.  I think someone needs to look into this further.
sharon siebert February 06, 2014 at 06:10 PM
I think it is horrible I am even a little bit more conservative and they told me my bill is going to be going up next month another 67.00. I am just recently unemployed and I think that is too big a bite to chew on now..they are already starting off with a bang! in the negative way that is,,,,,ughhh


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