Patch Picks: Top 5 Phone Apps

Sachem Patch picks the best apps for your cell phone.

This October marked the death of a creative genius in Steve Jobs, but not before Apple’s newest invention, the iPhone 4S, was announced. The 4S was released on October 14, a little over a week after Jobs’ death, and for those of you who are contemplating a purchase of this new smartphone or a not so expensive model, this week we are discussing some apps that you’ll want to download.

Sachem Patch picks the Top 5 Apps:

  1. Shazam: Remember when you heard a song on the radio and then repeated the chorus to your friends hoping that they would know the name of it? Well, that ship has sailed because Shazam will scan any song playing and tell you what the name of it is and who sings it. Then, you can download it from iTunes, read the lyrics or share it through your social media accounts. It is just that easy, and the app is free. You will never randomly sing off-key to your friends again, well unless you want to.
  2. AroundMe: Have you ever been in the middle of nowhere and felt like you needed a burger but didn’t know where to find one? No…OK, maybe that was a stretch, but you get the idea. AroundMe uses GPS technology to find places close to you where you can find food, coffee, tires, cards or pretty much anything. It will also send the address to your GPS app and give you directions to the location. Never get lost again, or always know where the closest Starbucks is.
  3. Scrabble: The board game from your childhood or past weekend with friends is also available as an app. Scrabble allows you to play against random opponents, your friends or the person sitting next to you. The free app even allows you to receive assistance if you are not a human dictionary. Perfection, that’s 17 points.
  4. Instagram: Maybe you don’t have a fancy camera or a fancy camera phone, but Instagram can fake it for you. Just take a picture, pick a filter and then share that artsy new pic with your friends. You can follow your friends and comment on their photos, and you can read the comments they leave on yours. It is interesting to see what people are capturing with their phone or what you can create with just a phone, an app and some inanimate objects around your house.
  5. Foodspotting: Sometimes it is fun to make your friends jealous, especially if you are biting into a Pecan French Toast Cupcake from the local cupcake shop. On Foodspotting, you can take a pic of the food you are about to devour and mark your location, then share it with your social media networks for some commenting pleasure. This app also allows you to follow your favorite eateries and your friends to see what they are eating, so they can make you jealous. It is a lovely circle of gluttony with nice visuals.


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