Is Customer Service Alive and Well in East Hampton?

Or has it gone to the wayside? Tell us in the comments.

Recently, I complained about the customer service received while running an errand (not in East Hampton), and I was surprised by the feedback from friends. It seems customer service is lost many places.

East Hampton still has a small town feel in many ways, so I was wondering how Patch readers feel about the treatment they receive. Is customer service dead everywhere? Or is it alive and well in East Hampton?

If there is a teller at your local bank or a cashier at your favorite grocery store who always gives you a smile or goes out of their way for you, feel free to give them a little shout here.

Great customer service certainly goes a long way, right?

Taylor K. Vecsey January 05, 2013 at 11:48 PM
Via East Hampton Patch Facebook page: Barry McManus said, "who shops in EH anymore? Besides the delis and lumber yard and hardware stores.....customer service is a C+ in general I believe." Liz Jacob: "Customer service is non existent in eh, from what I see. It is constantly a surprise to open a sandwich from the deli, from *any* and *every* deli, and discover what you purchased. You may think by ordering something specific, that you will receive what you asked for. Never the case. Cold cuts are always sliced as thick as liverworst. And speaking the language would be thought to improve the situation, but usually it doesn't. Your order is merely a suggestion, and you will receive whatever the food prep person feels like giving you. There is no exception." Kate Mueth said, "For me an actual greeting at the register and a "thank you" after dropping far too much money for the purchase goes a LONG way. Oh, and also not being screamed at by the night clerk at the local inn when you dare come in at midnight after a night of work and one drink during the summer.... I'm a local and got that treatment.. makes me wonder how they treat our visitors. We all know how brutal our summers are here, but it's called the "hospitality" industry for a reason and all people are not necessarily rude and feel exceptional. Even in those cases real pros deal appropriately while not getting stepped all over."
Gail Simons January 06, 2013 at 12:17 PM
I think there's good and bad everywhere. I don't think I've actually even entered any of the EH village boutiques in over a decade, they're just way too expensive. Plenty of places that I do frequent, though, the Montauk shops all have nice people working in them, as far as I've seen. CVS in East Hampton has exceptional people working there, Waldbaum's, too. I can't think of a bad experience in any of the places that I've been to recently! In just about every shop I go into, though, I know many of the people there - I would assume that would be a bonus in most cases...
lutheranliar January 06, 2013 at 02:31 PM
The Amagansett IGA has the nicest people working there: everyone from the ladies stocking produce to the checkout clerks to the butchers (the best!) -- they are all unfailingly helpful and pleasant. I always feel welcome when I come in, and always leave with a smile.
Martha Nassauer January 06, 2013 at 02:51 PM
Justin at Bridgehampton AutoSport (recently moved from EH), Dentist Beth Rosner, Alex/Julia/Maria at Wainscott Hess, Erika (Wainscott Pets that's now closed), the pharmacy crew (especially Dana) at White's Pharmacy, Han at Phoenix Restaurant, stand out the most in reassuring me that customer service is very much alive out here! Sadly, not as much as an excuse but an explanation, the ornery customers don't help matters. It takes patience and grace to move past abusive behavior in order to serve the next customer with a smile. When you think an employee isn't very friendly, try to imagine what they've had to put up with all day. But, kudos to those (especially the ones whom I previously mentioned) who take each person for who they are, without being biased by the last cranky pants they may have had to serve!
PJ Delia January 06, 2013 at 05:39 PM
I find that people are very nice in East Hampton, generally. The businesses from out of town aren't interested in locals, so I'm not counting them. I get really friendly service from people all around here.


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