Help Sachem Patch Make a Pre-Blizzard List of Supplies

Readers help us compile a list of needed items and things to do before a storm.

Unlike that cute little fish in the Pixar movie, weather forecasters say the blizzard nicknamed Nemo heading toward the area is likely to pack quite a wallop.

So with time left before it really starts to hit, we started our pre-blizzard list and enlisted our Facebook fans to help. Add your suggestions in the comments below.

Kerry Sauer Parchen had a good point, when she reminded us: "Gas. lol we all learned that one with sandy"

Joe Corb also remembered the experience with Superstorm Sandy, stating: "Knowing LIPA, batteries for your radio."

Kat Lee had an extensive list: "Wine coolers/ Generator/ Gas/ batteries/flashlights/ battery operated candles/ non perishable food/ water/ Propane camping stove or grill/cooler/ice/ ice melt/shovel/ snow blower/gloves/boots/firewood for fireplaces/games and snacks for kids/Parents on their own for entertainment and on that note stay warm."

Ed Christiansen reminded us to breathe: "patience," he wrote. "stock up on a whole lotta patience people."

Michelle Kaplan chimed in with: "flashlights, water, batteries, boxed milk canned foods, breads, blankets candles."

And a very popular favorite among many commenters: don't forget to stock beer and wine!

Can you think of any others? Let us know in the comments section below.


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