Blogger Roundup: The Neighborhood Blogosphere

A recap of posts from our diverse pool of neighborhood bloggers.

The Sachem community has no shortage of opinions, and our guest bloggers on Patch regularly contribute to the vibrant conversations that take place in the barber shop, on the street corner or in the parking lot after a school meeting. Patch brings those conversations into one meetinghouse. Here's a roundup of the latest blogs in our community.

Patty Servidio serves up this heart-felt and touching tribute to her dog Max, who died this past week after a healthy 12 years of life. The blog post raises interesting points about euthanasia, saying goodbye and the attachment a pet can truly make with a family. If you're an animal lover, you'll love and understand this blog post.

After attending the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Dr. Meryl Ain was in Charlotte for the Democratic National Convention and blogs about Gov. Cuomo's address to the delegates, local reaction to education financing and Obama's trouble with young people this election cycle. According to some polls, the record-setting excitement in which young people headed to the voting booths in 2008 has cooled off, which is making this coming presidential election difficult to predict. Take a look at this extensive roundup of the DNC.

Hilary Topper reviews this helpful book of fashion tips from authors Michelle Madhok and Eileen Conlan. The book even helps those of you who save every stitch of clothing and have closets bursting at the seams with clothes you never wear. Topper lists some of the highlights of what the book offers: strategies for dressing on job interviews, advice on what to wear when you actually go shopping and how to avoid the amount of time spent staring into your closet wondering what to wear. How much time does the average person in his/her lifetime spend staring into the closet? Read this blog post and you'd be amazed.

Michael Ganci submits this fun blog post in reaction to former Mets hero Keith Hernandez' shocking announcement on SNY that he might be shaving off his signature mustache. The Daily Stache is in shock. After all, the blogger named his handle after Hernandez' facial hair. But he's not the only person lamenting the possibility of a clean-shaven Keith. Former Sachem Patch Editor Chris Vaccaro launched an online petition to "Save the Stache," and is hoping to gather 171,703 votes. Click on this blog to find out how you can help save that beloved mustache.

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