Blogger Roundup: The Neighborhood Blogosphere

A recap of posts from our diverse pool of neighborhood bloggers.

The Sachem community has no shortage of opinions, and our guest bloggers on Patch regularly contribute to the vibrant conversations that take place in the barber shop, on the street corner or in the parking lot after a school meeting. Patch brings those conversations into one meetinghouse. Here's a roundup of the latest blogs in our community.

Ed Koch: Godspeed On Your Journey To The Other Side

Cindi-Sansone Braff writes this touching memorial after the world learned that beloved mayor of New York City Ed Koch had died. Braff tells an interesting story of how she came about to meet Koch at a summer home in Montauk, and how gracious and inviting he was. The story encapsulates a lot of what people loved about Mayor Koch. She even works in his signature catchphrase: "How'm I doin?" Click on the headline to read this tribute piece.

The Long Island Builders Institute (LIBI) is local nonprofit organization that connects builders with potential customers, vice-versa, and also creates networking opportunities for contractors to meet one another for potential future projects.

This year, as Long Island continues to recover from Superstorm Sandy, LIBI is holding a networking event at the Hyatt Regency in Hauppauge on March 20 to open lines of communication between homeowners and the construction industry. Click on the headline to learn more about LIBI and the March 20 event.

The Causes & Treatments of Lung Cancer

Dr. Shawn Zimberg offers this educational blog post about the many factors that can lead to the development of lung cancer. Considered one of the more deadly of cancers, did you know that 20% of adults with lung cancer developed the disease without having picked up a cigarette? Dr. Zimber discusses some of the other reasons, besides smoking, that lung cancer develops.

The blog also speaks at length about the various treatment options that are out there specific to the level and extent of the individual's cancer. Click on the headline to read more about what doctors can do for you or your loved one if lung cancer develops.

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