Frustrated with Smithtown

I'm frustrated with Smithtown...are you?

So I've been a resident for a few years and thought that I was moving into a community that was a crown jewel for Suffolk County. Wow...was I wrong!! Can someone please answer the following? 1. Why do people like throwing garbage on the ground as they walk past or, worse yet, as they drive down the block? Unfortunately, i've seen both adults and kids do this. 2. Why is it that I walk around our neighborhood and see kids smoking pot (in 3 spots that I've found) and no one else does? 3. Why is it that everyone complains about the tax base, but no one does anything about it? I can go on (and probably will in the future), but hope that you understand where I'm going. I do like the area, but there are many irritations that are preventing me from enjoying it fully. Rather than comment negatively on my thoughts - how do we clean up all of the negatives and truly make Smithtown shine?

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jozee January 10, 2013 at 01:11 PM
it is very scary when emergency vehicles are trying to get through-- suffolk county police car almost hit me head on!! i try to stay off main st when at all possible
PH Hunt January 10, 2013 at 03:39 PM
It strikes me that this forum and more and more people are becoming aware of system-wide decay and lack of sustainability, not to mentioned certain signs of it, such as littering (selfishness, lack of awareness or respect), over-taxation (to meet unsustainable pension costs for people in certain systems), etc. It really does create a dangerous divide and I think the worst part is that nothing seems to get done - yet we all know it needs to improve. Unfortunately I was unable to attend a presentation at Hofstra this morning on the economic trajectory of Long Island; the keynote was by an economist who looks at the economic health of Long Island. I've been reading up on analysis of trends here for some time, including when I (raised in St James) lived in another, thriving metro area on the east coast. And these trends, which are pushing us downward, include high property taxes and unsustainable public pensions, high ratio of service economy, poor transportation infrastructure, lack of skilled jobs, brain drain (due to much of the above) etc, I think that Smithtown is a great example for all of these ills: high taxes (just paid today!) to maintain public pensions while those of us in the private sector wonder about ourselves, miserable access through town and to NYC, lack of an industrial or corporate or industrial tax base and associated jobs...........etc.
scsddad January 11, 2013 at 08:47 PM
I don't think people would show up to a community board meeting. People don't even show up to BOE meetings when Mr Ehmann was screwing up the school district and they are only twice a month.
Mitch Kerr January 12, 2013 at 09:20 PM
postings like these make my day- magnificent!
Who Am I To Complain ? January 13, 2013 at 09:11 PM
Last week I went as far as to locate and collect a plastic (town) lamp post cap, that the wind blew down the street (approx 10 houses away). It sat lonely in the street, with no hope of a return to it's home. Maybe other neighbors did not recognize what it was ? Maybe it weighed too much ? I really do not know the reason, but the cap just sat curbside, waiting for another gust of wind..... Bottom line, I returned it to it's partner, and contacted the town, who restored it in it's rightful location just a day later. I did my job and so did the town. With a little effort and consideration, we can fix the small things, but Town Hall needs to work on the BIG things !! Step up and get it done please. It is definitely not a lack of funds, but rather a lack of accountability and concern ? Who am I to complain ? I just stand in line at town hall, twice a year, and pay that hefty (as long as the Declaration Of Independence) bill ! lamppost, looked g


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